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Gogin trial to be in Green County
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MONROE - The trial of a Monroe man charged with sexual assault against two girls will be heard in Green County by residents here, a Rock County judge said Wednesday.

Greg P. Gogin, 56, is charged with seven counts of sexual assault and related offenses against two girls that occurred between 2003 and 2014.

Gogin's attorney, Sarah M. Schmeiser, had argued in a motion filed Oct. 29 that news coverage of Gogin's case negatively affected local public opinions of Gogin to the extent that it would be impossible for him to receive a fair trial in Green County.

However, a questionnaire released to 250 potential jurors in Green County revealed that public awareness of Gogin's alleged crimes is considerably lower than had been believed.

Rock County Judge James P. Daley, who replaced Green County Judge James Beer on Gogin's case, said the results of the questionnaire suggested enough impartial jurors could be found within the county.

Daley also revealed that a private review of the victims' psychological records is currently impossible, as two facilities have yet to release their records.

The review, also requested on Oct. 29, was recommended in order to ascertain the validity of the victims' memories and to determine whether they had made statements during therapy that differed from their testimony to police. Should all records be released, Daley will determine whether a review would be permissible.

Gogin will next appear in court on May 18 for his final pre-trial conference. His trial is scheduled to take place on June 6.