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Gogin sexual assault cases back in court
MONROE - Multiple criminal cases against a Monroe man charged with repeated sexual assault may be consolidated to avoid the victims having to testify more than once in court.

Greg P. Gogin, 56, was shackled and wore orange jail scrubs at a short hearing Thursday in Green County Circuit Court. He is being held at the Green County Jail on a $55,000 cash bond and $57,000 signature bond.

His bond conditions, which he has reportedly broken on three occasions since June, include no contact with anyone under the age of 18 except with his minor sons under the direct supervision of his estranged wife or another pre-approved adult.

He is also ordered not to be in Monroe, except for court-related obligations, or come within 100 yards of his family's residence in the Town of Monroe.

Gogin was charged in May in Green County with seven felonies related to the ongoing sexual assaults, including rape, of two girls over the course of more than a decade. The girls are now young women.

On July 1, similar charges were filed in Waushara County for reported offenses involving the same girls.

"There's a potential" for similar charges in Waukesha County as well, according to Green County Assistant District Attorney Jeff Kohl.

Consolidating the cases would help avoid the victims having to testify more than once in court, said Judge James P. Daley, the Rock County judge replacing Green County Judge James Beer on the cases. According to court records, Beer was substituted due to a conflict.

Gogin posted and was released on a $5,000 cash bond immediately after his initial appearance June 1.

Within two weeks, court records allege he broke his bond conditions by texting one of his sons. About a week later, witnesses say he again tried to make contact with his family and drove up and down their road.

He was arrested for bail jumping and posted a $20,000 cash bond June 26.

The next day, court records indicate he stopped by a

Kool-Aid stand in Verona and gave $7 to the 11- and 13-year-old boys running it. A Verona police officer was chatting with the boys at the time and heard Gogin tell him, "Thanks for being here, because I'm not supposed to have contact

with kids without supervision. But it's OK because you're here."

When the officer asked him what he meant, Gogin gave a vague answer, got back in

his van and drove off. The officer later apprehended Gogin and arrested him for bail jumping.

The officer wrote in a report that Gogin, when confronted about the Kool-Aid stand incident, "told me that he was a good person, that he used to be a pastor, a teacher and that he worked with kids all the time. ... (Gogin) told me he just wanted to help children because he had been around them his whole life and helped them his whole life."

In addition to nine felony sexual assault-related charges, Gogin now faces seven felony bail jumping charges and two misdemeanor charges for violating a domestic abuse order and a harassment restraining order.

Prior to May, he had no criminal record in Wisconsin. He volunteered with Cub Scouts and was an active member of his church in Monroe.

Gogin is due in court again Nov. 4 for a motion hearing. His attorney, Sarah M. Schmeiser, said it's "very likely" she'll submit a motion for a change of venue - meaning Gogin's trial would be heard in another county in Wisconsin. She would need to successfully argue that a fair and impartial jury is unlikely to be found in Green County.