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Fuel leak shuts down Brodhead road
BRODHEAD - A punctured cargo truck leaked 100 gallons of diesel fuel on 20 blocks of Brodhead's main thoroughfare Thursday morning before police were able to stop it.

The puncture happened near Wisconsin 11 and Dickey Road just east of Brodhead, according to Brodhead Chief of Police Chris Hughes.

The truck was westbound when a stray metal spike lying in the road flew up and punctured the fuel tank before falling back down to the road.

A 911 caller at 10:24 a.m. reported the leaking truck as it passed Wis. 104 into Brodhead on 1st Street/Wis. 11. The truck stopped in the 1800 block of 1st Center Avenue. By then it had leaked out its entire 100-gallon tank of fuel.

Police estimate 20 gallons made it into the city sewer system, but Public Works employees and emergency crews were able to contain and extract the spill by pouring Oil-Dri absorbent down manholes and then suctioning out the separated oil.

The road was reopened less than three hours later. No one was injured as a result of the incident.

The same metal spike - a random piece of road debris, Hughes said - also disabled a semi in the same area near Wis. 11 at Dickey Road. Rock County crews dealt with that accident.