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For cousins, pigs just part of the fun
Times photo: Anthony Wahl Joshua Arnsmeier, 9, of Brodhead, walks his swine for the judge during the Class C Swine judging Wednesday morning at the Green County Fair.
MONROE - For cousins Abby and Mariah Klahn, showing swine at the Green County Fair runs in the family.

"My dad's friend got us into showing, and our older cousin was in it," Abby Klahn, 12, said. "We decided to try it."

Even though both girls showed a combined eight pigs in three categories, there is little rivalry between them.

In fact, the girls, both of Brooklyn, say they are in it to have fun.

"I think it's a lot of fun, but it's a lot of work," Abby Klahn said.

Mariah Klahn said the 4-H has helped her grow.

"(It's about) learning how to do this stuff and meeting new people," she said.

The girls are part of the Dayton Dairylanders 4-H club. Abby Klahn showed four animals: one in heavy weight, two in medium weight, and a gilt, or young female pig. And Mariah Klahn showed four pigs - all in the same categories as her cousin.

"It's a lot of fun and a good experience," Mariah Klahn said, adding that 4-H teaches responsibility.

The cousins say their experience in their 4-H travels have helped them bond with each other, and with others who share similar interests.

"You make a lot of new friends," Abby Klahn said. "We all work as a team."

The fair runs through Sunday at the fairgrounds.

- Holley Ann Garey