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Fair lamb weigh-in April 23
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MONROE - An identification program for all market lambs to be exhibited at the 2016 Green County Fair will be conducted April 23 at the Green County Fairgrounds. Lambs will be weighed and identified between 9 and 11 a.m. in the south end of barn No. 7. Only lambs that are identified on this date will be eligible for exhibition in the market lamb classes and to be sold at the Green County Fair meat animal auction.

All market lambs that will be shown at the Green County Fair will be weighed and given RFID ear tags. Each exhibitor can identify a maximum of five lambs. Market lambs being identified for the Green County Fair can weigh no more than 105 pounds at the weigh-in April 23. There is no minimum weight, but it is suggested that lambs weigh at least 50 pounds in order to make the 110-pound minimum weight that is needed to sell in the auction at fair time.

Since the market lambs will be tagged with official USDA tags, they no longer will need to have scrapie tags at the fair. However, exhibitors are reminded that all breeding sheep will still be required to have a USDA scrapie tag before the animals are allowed onto the fairgrounds this summer. The only exception to this is for breeding animals that have breed registration papers and a breed tattoo. If sheep exhibitors plan to exhibit breeding stock, they can order their own free scrapie tags by calling 1-866-873-2824. These tags should be ordered early since it usually takes several weeks before they are received from the United States Department of Agriculture.

Only Green County Fair market lambs need to be identified at this weigh-in. Animals that will be exhibited in the sheep breeding show classes at the fair are not required to attend the weigh-in. Market lambs for the Wisconsin State Fair also will not be identified at the Green County weigh-in. Wisconsin State Fair requires that all lambs be self-identified by the exhibitors.

Auction record books and other show information also will be distributed to exhibitors on identification day. Contact Mark Mayer, UW-Extension dairy and livestock agent, at 608-328-9440 for more information.