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Polling Places: April 2, 2012
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All polling places in Green and Lafayette counties are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m.Green CountyTownships- Adams, town hall, N5705 Biggs Road, Argyle- Albany, town hall, N6065 County E, Albany- Brooklyn, town hall, 400 Main St., Brooklyn- Cadiz, town hall, W8445 County B, Browntown- Clarno, town hall, W6126 County B, Monroe- Decatur, town hall, 1408 14th St., Brodhead- Exeter, town hall, W2998 Wisconsin 92, Belleville- Jefferson, Juda Community Center, W 2895 County KS, Juda- Jordan, town hall, W8495 Wis. 81, Argyle- Monroe, town hall, N3302 Monroe Road, Monroe- Mt. Pleasant, American Legion hall, 316 E Coates Ave., Monticello- New Glarus, Swiss Miss Center, 1101 Wis. 69, New Glarus- Spring Grove, town hall, N2475 County GG, Brodhead- Sylvester, town hall, N4505 Wis. 59, Albany- Washington, town hall, W6113 County C, Monticello- York, town hall, N8105 Postville Road (County H at Postville), BlanchardvilleVillages- Albany, village hall, 206 N Water St., Albany- Belleville, village hall, 24 W. Main St., Belleville- Brooklyn, village hall, 102 N. Rutland, Brooklyn- Browntown, village hall, 110 S. Mill St., Browntown- Monticello, village hall, 140 N. Main St., Monticello- New Glarus, village hall, 319 2nd St., New GlarusCities- Brodhead, city hall, 1111 W 2nd Ave., Brodhead- Monroe, Community Center at city hall, 1110 18th Ave., MonroeLafayette CountyTownships- Argyle, Wards 1 and 2, EMS building, 106 N. Broad St., Argyle- Belmont, Wards 1 and 2, town hall, 123 W. Commerce St., Belmont;- Benton, Wards 1 and 2, town hall, 375 Railroad Ave., Benton;- Blanchard, town hall, 207 Pine, Blanchardville; - Darlington, Wards 1 and 2, Darlington town hall, 11150 Ames Road, Darlington;- Elk Grove, town hall, 12321 County X, Cuba City;- Fayette, town hall, 10972 County F, Darlington;- Gratiot, Gratiot firehouse, 5835 Sheldon St., Gratiot;- Kendall, town hall, 15548 County O, Darlington;- Lamont, Township, town garage, 14495 County Road D, Darlington- Monticello, Town hall, 16787 County W, Gratiot;- New Diggings, town hall, 26897 Aetna Road, Cuba City;- Seymour, town hall, 10975 County O, Shullsburg;- Shullsburg, town hall, West Estey, Shullsburg;- Wayne, South Wayne firehouse, 107 E. Center St., South Wayne;- White Oak Springs, town hall, 1990 County O, Shullsburg;- Willow Springs, Calamine town hall, 17614 Ridge St., Mineral Point;- Wiota, town hall, 100 Park St., Wiota.Villages- Argyle, Argyle Public Library, 401 E. Milwaukee St., Argyle HCA west side; - Blanchardville, Ward 1, village hall, 208 Mason St., Blanchardville;- Belmont, Community Building, 222 S. Mound Ave., Belmont- Gratiot, Community Building, 5840 Main St., Gratiot- Benton, village hall, 48 W. Main St., Benton;- Hazel Green, Ward 3, village hall, 1610 Fairplay, Hazel Green;- South Wayne, firehouse, 107 E. Center, South Wayne.Cities- Cuba City, Wards 6 and 7, fire rescue building, 1013 South Main St., Cuba City;- Darlington, Wards 1-6, Municipal Building, 627 Main St., Darlington;- Shullsburg, Wards 1-3, Shullsburg Townsend and Center, 190 N. Judgment St., Shullsburg.