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Police Blotter: Dec. 20, 2017
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Lafayette County Sheriff


• Zachary J. Cook, 20, Trempeauleau, was cited for excessive acceleration at 1:01 a.m. on West Mound Road, Belmont Township.

• Justin W. Olson, 24, Lancaster, was cited for failure to stop at a stop sign at 1:45 a.m. on West Mound Road in Belmont Township.

• Tyler J. Meyer, 32, Blanchardville, was arrested for three counts of bail jumping at 9:50 a.m. on School Street in Blanchardville. Wisconsin Department of Natural Resources assisted. Meyer was transported to the Lafayette County Jail where he remains in custody.

• A deputy responded at 10:09 a.m. to Wis. 23 in Willow Springs Township for a possible fire.

• Theft was reported at 11:44 a.m. on Old Q Road in Blanchard Township.

• A deputy assisted with a vehicle lockout at 4:51 p.m. on Miner Way in Shullsburg.

• Kay L. Wolff, 55, Gratiot, was cited for failure to notify police of an accident and obstructing an officer at 4:36 p.m. on Wis. 11 in Wayne Township.

• Livestock on the road was reported at 5:54 p.m. on Holland Road in Kendall Township.

• Joshua T. Leopold, 38, Dubuque, Iowa, was cited for no proof of insurance and operating after suspension at 6:12 p.m. on Wayne Center Road, Wayne Township.

Albany Police

ALBANY - A juvenile was referred for charges of disorderly conduct and criminal damage to property Dec. 11.

New Glarus Police

NEW GLARUS - On Dec. 11:

• Child abuse was reported at 2:27 p.m. for a juvenile in New Glarus. The incident is under investigation and Green County Human Services was advised.

• Police served papers for a law firm to a New Glarus resident at 5:23 p.m.

• Two sexual assaults involving juveniles was reported in the 1600 block of Second Street. The investigation is continuing.

On Dec. 12:

• Police received a United States flag attached to a pole someone found at 8 a.m. in the 200 block of 5th Avenue. The flag was later returned to its owner.

• A sex offense regarding juveniles sending nude pictures to each other was reported at 10:23 a.m. The incident is under investigation.

• Keys were reported lost at 1:49 p.m. The keys were located.

• Anthony J. Lewis, 32, Monticello, was arrested for bail jumping at 5:52 p.m. in the 400 block of 6th Avenue. Lewis was transported and booked in the Green County Jail.

On Dec. 13:

• Police issued an alternate side parking citation at 1:27 a.m.

• Larry O. Graham, 39, Verona, was cited for possession of marijuana at 7:57 a.m. in the 200 block of Industrial Drive.

• Two dogs running loose was reported at 8:06 a.m. in the area of 6th Avenue and 5th Street. The area was checked and the dogs were not located.

• A report of marijuana found in a business was reported at 5:16 p.m. in the 1400 block of Wis. 69. Anyone who knows anything should contact the New Glarus Police Department.

On Dec. 14:

• A stolen bicycle was reported at 1:28 p.m. in the 1000 block of 8th Street. A juvenile suspect has been named and the bicycle was recovered a short time later. The incident remains under investigation.

• A door was reported open at a residence at 4:32 p.m. in the 600 block of 4th Avenue. Officers arrived and made contact with the home owner. Everything was fine.

• Kristy M. Bennett, 18, Monroe, and two juveniles were cited for possession of drug paraphernalia at 10:10 p.m. in the 1300 block of Wis. 69.

On Dec. 15:

• Three citations were issued at 1:30 a.m. for alternate side parking violations.

• Truancy was reported at 8:35 a.m. at the New Glarus schools. The student was cited for truancy.

• Police responded at 12:43 p.m. to the 1800 block of 2nd Street for an accidental 911 call.

• Police responded to a business alarm at 1:53 p.m. on Wis. 69. The alarm was accidental and there was no emergency.

• Trespassing was reported at 4:35 p.m. in the 100 block of 2nd Street. Two juveniles were reportedly trespassing on private property; they were located, warned and parents were contacted.

• Police assisted a citizen with fingerprint cards for the citizens employment at 5:10 p.m.

• A dog at large was reported at 9:06 p.m. in the area of 1st Street and 5th Avenue. Police did not locate the dog.

• Police assisted Green County Sheriff with a disorderly conduct incident at 9:19 p.m. in Exeter Township.

On Saturday:

• An officer issued three parking citations for alternate side parking violations.

• Police assisted the Green County Sheriff with a road hazard at 1:46 p.m. on Wis. 69 at Hefty Road. A citizen removed the item and no further action was taken.

• Police removed a road hazard at 4:30 p.m. in the 1500 block of Wis. 69.

On Sunday:

• Police assisted the Green County Sheriff with a vehicle in the ditch in the N7500 block of Wis. 69.

• Clark W. Schaller, 29, Monticello, was cited for driving without insurance at 5:30 p.m. on Wis. 69 at 11th Avenue.

• Argeil S. King, 26, Rockford, Illinois, was cited for driving without a valid license at 6:01 p.m. on Wis. 69 at 11th Avenue.

• Jason J. Jindra, 28, New Glarus, was cited for speeding at 11:12 p.m. on 3rd Avenue and 5th Street.

Monroe Police

MONROE - David S. Eldred, 53, Monroe, was arrested at 1:55 p.m. Dec. 18. An intoxicated person in Twining Park was reported and officers conducted a welfare check. Eldred was on probation and restricted from the use of alcohol. The Wisconsin Department of Corrections placed an apprehension request on Eldred, and he was confined in the Green County Jail pending further proceedings.