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Circuit Court: Oct. 18, 2012
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Lafayette County


• Jonathan Perry Blaser, 22, Shullsburg, was charged Monday, Oct. 8, with three Class H felony counts of committing battery as a prisoner and misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct and resisting/obstructing an officer. The charges stem from an incident Sept. 18 at the Lafayette County Jail. Court records indicate jail deputies asked Blaser to give them the clothing he was using to clog his cell toilet, and when he mouthed off and disobeyed, they tasered him and put him in a restraint chair. He reportedly kneed an officer in the chin and left two other officers with injuries, too. Blaser was also charged the same day with a misdemeanor count of kicking and damaging his cell door. A deputy noted in his report that Blaser's aggressive behavior is an ongoing problem and Blaser explains it by saying he has "nothing to lose" and "that breaking things and causing disruptions in the jail help him sleep at night."

• Nicole L. White, 24, Lancaster, was charged Thursday, Oct. 11, with two Class H felony counts of child abuse. Court records indicate she caused bodily harm to two girls, then ages 15 and 16, during an argument Aug. 8 on Jericho Road in the Town of Belmont. Her initial appearance in court is Oct. 29.

• Emily E. Breitzke, 24, Madison, was charged Thursday, Oct. 11, with a Class H felony charge of cashing a fake payroll check for $463, drawing on a LaCrosse County Jail account, on June 16 at Piggly Wiggly, 149 Wells St., Darlington.


• Avery Scott Franklin, 17, South Wayne, was charged Friday, Oct. 12, with two Class A misdemeanor charges related to an incident Oct. 9 in a home in the 8200 block of County N in the Town of Wayne. Court records indicate he was physically aggressive toward his foster parents, ages 72 and 76, during a argument over schoolwork. Both foster parents fell as a result. A visiting school tutor witnessed the incident.

• Larry W. Paisley, 56, Darlington, was charged Friday, Oct. 12, with a Class B misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct stemming from a Sept. 9 dispute with his 58-year-old brother over a dog roaming a yard in the 16800 block of Crist Lane in the Town of Willow Springs.

• Tammy L. Figi, 45, Argyle, was charged Tuesday, Oct. 16, with three Class A misdemeanor counts of writing a worthless check to Sportz Page Bar and Grill in Argyle on June 2. The three checks total $57.75.