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Circuit Court: Jan. 6, 2018
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Green County Circuit Court


• Skylar James Martin, 24, Monroe, pleaded no contest Dec. 13 to two Class A misdemeanor counts of battery and a Class B misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct. A felony charge of strangulation and suffocation was dismissed as part of a plea deal. He was sentenced to two years on probation with the conditions that he pay costs, surcharges and supervision fees and undergo any treatment and counseling recommended by his probation agent. Court records indicate Martin shoved a woman during a domestic dispute July 5 at his home in the 400 block of 14th Avenue, pulled her hair and choked her until her vision got "blurry."

• Jeremy Harold Hardyman, 32, Browntown, pleaded no contest Dec. 14 to a Class B misdemeanor count of disorderly conduct and was sentenced to 30 days in jail. A felony charge of battery by prisoners was dismissed as part of a plea deal. Court records indicate Hardyman physically attacked his cellmate July 24 in the Green County Jail after hearing the other inmate say what he thought was an insult. Hardyman grabbed the man's leg and pulled him off the upper bunkbed, causing the man to hit his head. The victim was taken to the Monroe Clinic ER for treatment of his injuries.

• Mathew Thomas Daly, 27, Monroe, pleaded no contest Jan. 3 to two Class A misdemeanor counts of credit card fraud and was sentenced to 18 months on probation, with conditions that he pay restitution and court fees and cooperate with, participate in and successfully complete any evaluations, treatment and counseling deemed appropriate by his probation agent. Felony charges of misappropriating ID info and bail jumping were dismissed. Court records indicate he fraudulently used another man's credit card in early 2017 to transfer more than $800 to the bank account of an inmate at the Green County Jail to pay for telephone calls. "It has taken months of negotiating with these companies, hours of paperwork and a dozen faxes and emails to attempt to resolve this case," an employee at the Bank of Brodhead reported on a restitution request form. Daly also pleaded no contest to a misdemeanor charge of third-offense operating while intoxicated, stemming from a hit-and-run collision July 26 in Monroe, and was sentenced to 14 days in jail in addition to a concurrent probation of 18 months.


• Brandon Douglas Hatlevig, 38, Albany, was sentenced Dec. 12 to 18 months on probation for a misdemeanor conviction of disorderly conduct from September and for revoking the conditions of his deferred prosecution agreement on a misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct from 2015. Both cases are related to domestic disputes with a woman at a home on Blazer Road, Town of Exeter, and on Mill Street in Albany. Court records indicate he called her degrading names like "maggot" in front of children, blocked her access to the clothes washer and possessed firearms in violation of a court order. He also violated a restraining order, didn't comply with counseling requirements and didn't notify the court of a change of address. Conditions of his probation include completing an anger management class and any required follow-up counseling.

• Justin David Kainz, 25, Monroe, pleaded no contest Dec. 13 to two Class B misdemeanor charges of disorderly conduct and was fined $1,158. The charges stem from a domestic dispute June 18 at Kainz's home in the 500 block of West 21st Street. Court records indicate Kainz yelled, pushed and tried repeatedly to punch another man when the man stopped him from driving his car drunk.

• Regina Marie Mauel, 58, and Jeff Scott Mauel, 49, both of Brooklyn, entered a stay of proceedings Dec. 13 on one Class B misdemeanor count each of disorderly conduct, stemming from a domestic dispute Sept. 1 between the husband and wife at their home in the N9400 block of Legler Road. The dispute started two days earlier over a meatloaf, according to the criminal complaint. Jeff complained about her meatloaf taking too long and she responded that "if he did not like it, then he could cook, clean and do other chores around the house." The hostility escalated two days later into a physical confrontation. Regina told deputies she was "fed up with his drinking" and that he taunted her so much she threw a can of soda at him and started hitting him. She said she was ashamed of her behavior, "especially in front of the kids." As part of a six-month deferred prosecution agreement in the cases, the Mauels are ordered to attend quarterly monitoring conferences and marriage counseling. The cases will be fully dismissed if they comply with the agreements.

• Chad Michael Hardy, 36, Brodhead, was sentenced Dec. 14 to six months in jail with Huber work-release privileges for revoking his probation on Class A misdemeanor convictions of battery and criminal damage to property stemming from an incident Jan. 30 at his parents' residence in the 1000 block of 21st Street in Brodhead. Court records indicate Hardy was intoxicated and kicked the front door, broke down a bedroom door and slapped and pushed his mother. He revoked his probation in the case by drinking alcohol and violating his bond conditions in a Rock County case. "Confinement is necessary to impress on Mr. Hardy the need to comply with the law and his conditions of supervision. ... Mr. Hardy is in need of treatment. Given his continued negative behavior and disregard for the tools provided by the Department, treatment is best completed in a controlled setting," his probation agent wrote in a report.

• Shelby James Riley, Jr., 30, Monticello, was sentenced Dec. 14 to 90 days in jail for revoking his probation on a Class B misdemeanor conviction of disorderly conduct stemming from an incident Dec. 16, 2016, at Ott Haus Pub & Grill, 406 2nd St., New Glarus. Court records indicate Riley got upset when the owner of the bar denied him service due to his over-intoxication. Riley shattered a pint glass against the wall, punched out a small window in the bar's front door and instigated a fight outside. He revoked his probation in the case by invading the property of an Argyle woman on Aug. 14, in violation of a court order that he have no contact with her. He faces felony charges from that incident, alleging that he broke into her barn wearing a ski mask to conceal his identity, threatened her while armed, pinned her to the ground when she tried to reach for her phone to call for help and then put the barrel of the gun in his mouth and threatened to kill himself if she reported the incident. "Mr. Riley is a danger to the public, especially to the victim," his probation agent wrote in a report. "She was so fearful for her life she told him whatever he wanted to hear to make him happy and not hurt her. He caused her both physical injuries and psychological trauma."

• Patrick James Ryan, 52, Albany, was charged Nov. 30 with a Class A misdemeanor charge of resisting or obstructing an officer and a Class B misdemeanor charge of disorderly conduct, stemming from an arrest Oct. 21 in Albany. A police officer responded to a report of a man down, possibly intoxicated, at the intersection of East Main Street and North East Street, according to reports filed with the criminal complaint. A caller told police the man had walked into a power pole, fallen over and wasn't moving. The officer arrived to find Ryan on the ground with his pants around his ankles and his penis exposed. The officer offered to drive Ryan home but he refused. Ryan started walking but fell again, and the officer called an ambulance and told Ryan to wait. Ryan became uncooperative and "sprinted southbound" on North 5th Avenue. The officer ran after him and in the process of tackling him, "both Patrick and I went to the ground and landed on the pavement. I suffered a scraped knee which drew blood and my uniform pants were ripped," the officer wrote in a report. The fall caused Ryan to hit his head on the pavement and start bleeding. Ryan turned "very aggressive" and made threats to police and medics at the scene. His pants fell down again and he tripped and fell a third time. Once in the squad, he started bashing his head against a window so forcefully that police transferred him into the ambulance, belted him to a cot and took him to an ER. Not guilty pleas are entered in the case, and Ryan has a pre-trial conference Feb. 6.