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City plans for more parking at fire station
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MONROE - The Board of Public Works recommended Jeff Voegeli Landscaping, which was the lowest proposed bid at roughly $49,000 for excavation work, for one of the first steps to installing additional parking to the east of the westside fire station.

Director of Public Works Al Gerber said the new lot should double the capacity of the current area used for parking at the station with about 20 more stalls. Currently there are no designated painted lines on the parking lot outside the station.

The new lot would have its own driveway connecting to West 17th Street. It would also be set lower than the current parking spaces. Stairs will lead up to the edge of the sidewalk that currently runs along the front of the building.

Gerber said the main reason for the additional parking was to deal with the lack of space for public cars during events at the station or training nights when a number of firefighters leave their vehicles at the station to jump on trucks. When more than the roughly 15-car capacity lot is full, both sides of the street are filled with parked cars, leaving a narrow path for frequent trucks and other traffic.

The proposal recommended by the board still has to be approved by the full Monroe Common Council during a general meeting tonight.

Once approved, weather permitting, work will begin to tear up the top soil and prepare the ground for paving by city workers. An agreement between the city indicates Voegeli Landscaping will need to complete their work within 35 days of the start date. Gerber said the lot "should be in operation by the end of May."