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City of Monroe Common Council: Nov. 17, 2009
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MONROE - In a meeting Tuesday, the City of Monroe Common Council:• Set a public hearing date for Dec. 15, 2009, for an ordinance creating and revising definitions in Section 5-2-1, repealing and recreating Section 5-4-2(F), creating Sections 5-9-5 and 5-10-4, and repealing and recreating Section 5-10.5-9 of the Monroe City Code: Signs in Industrial Districts.• Held a public hearing and approved (8-0) Special Ordinance No. 143, extending time to commence construction of phase 1 of Menards Large Scale Retail Development.• Held a public hearing and approved (8-0) an ordinance annexing territory owned by John D. Baumann near the golf course.• Set public hearing date for Jan. 5, 2010, for a resolution vacating and discontinuing right-of-way at 21st Avenue South of 4th Street.• Set a public hearing date for Dec. 15, 2009, for an ordinance rezoning Property No. 144.• Approved (8-0) a resolution approving an extra 1 percent salary increase for Water Department Supervisor, Mike Kennison, retroactive to July 1, 2009, which equates to an annual salary of $55,768.• Approved (8-0) claims in the amount of $561,185.14.• Passed a resolution approving a special event for Main Street Lighted Holiday Parade, at 6 p.m. Nov. 27.• Granted an operator's license to Matthew G. Niffenegger.