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City of Monroe Common Council: April 7, 2010
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MONROE - In a meeting Wednesday, the City of Monroe Common Council:• Recognized Kevin Keen for his contribution to athletics as a coach.• Authorized hiring Reffue, Pas, Jacobson & Koster, LLP for 2009 audit.• Approved post-issuance debt compliance policy.• Unanimously approved claims in the amount of $568,594.54.• Approved special event for Monroe Main Street Market on the Square. • Approved installation of stop signs on 13th Street at 14th Avenue.• Granted electrical license to Robert R. Engler (Engler Electric, Inc.) and Terry Beutel; and an operator's license to Kolten JG Kline. • Approved Jeffrey C. Scheuerell, manager, as the agent for Walmart Stores East LLP "Class A" fermented malt beverage and liquor license.City Clerk Carol Stamm reported on election results from Municipal Board of Canvassers.