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City Council: Aug. 23, 2012
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MONROE - In a meeting Monday, the City of Monroe Board of Public Works:

- Approved bills from Whitney Tree Service for $6,536, most of which stems from the July 24 storm cleanup; Veolia Environmental Services for $1,600 for July recycling; Town and County Engineering for $12,200 for Lake Drive inspection; Fehr-Graham for $1,400 for 8th street storage tank monitoring; Arnold and O'Sheridan for $1,460 for parking ramp survey; and Mini-Dredge for $14,800 for Monroe County Club pond dredging. Mike Boyce abstained from voting on the country club pond bill.

- Heard an update on the wastewater treatment plant upgrade project. Construction is expected to begin in January 2013, with completion in 18 months.

Alderman Charles Schuringa asked for the 30th Street project to be placed on a future agenda for discussion.

A special meeting to discuss the parking ramp survey was set for the week of August 22.

MONROE - In a meeting Monday, the City of Monroe Public Safety Committee:

- Voted 2-1 to purchase two crosswalk signs for use on 22nd Avenue near Monroe Clinic. Tyler Schultz voted against.

- Went into closed session to discuss negotiations for an animal control agreement.

MONROE - The City of Monroe Common Council met in a closed session special meeting Monday to evaluate the performance of City Administrator Phil Rath.

MONROE - In a meeting Tuesday, the City of Monroe Finance and Taxation Committee:

- Approved a Check Reissue Policy, which will include a five-day waiting period before reissuing checks.

- Discussed and voted 2-1 to recommend to the council to hire Ehlers, at a cost up to $15,000, for financial advising services in funding for the wastewater treatment plant upgrade. Schultz voted against.

- Discussed the capital plan and took no action.

MONROE - In a meeting Tuesday, the City of Monroe Salary and Personnel Committee:

- Discussed the possibility of hiring a city attorney as an employee rather than contracting for service. Assistant City Administrator Martin Shanks presented a survey of ten communities similar to Monroe to compare budgets and duties of city attorneys. Committee members determined more detailed information was needed to make a level comparison. City Attorney Rex Ewald also recommended the committee discuss his services to the city in more detail with him at a later date. No action was taken; the item will be placed on the agenda for a later meeting.

MONROE - At a meeting Tuesday, the City of Monroe Public Property Committee:

- Discussed a request to replace the floor in a bathroom at the historical society museum. An agreement with the society showed the city is responsible for the outside of the museum and the society for the inside. The committee asked for quotes on the cost of the project and the scope of the damage.

Member Sara Conway was absent.

MONROE - In a meeting Tuesday, the City of Monroe Common Council:

- Heard from Comptroller Bridget Schuchart about changes in the Treasurer's Report.

- Held a public hearing and voted unanimously to approve changes in 12 of Title 3 of the Monroe City Code: Weights and Measures.

- Set a public hearing for Oct. 2 for a resolution vacating and discontinuing a portion of 18th Avenue North right-of-way.

- Set a public hearings for Oct. 2 to rezone two properties.

- Voted 7-1 to authorize hiring Ehlers for financial advising services in regards to funding for the Wastewater Treatment Plant upgrade Services, billed at $200 per hour, not to exceed $15,000, will include determining whether the rate structure is sufficient to finance the treatment plant and operations of the sewer utility; provide recommendations for funding sources; and recommendations on management of the city's bank qualifications status in 2013.

- Voted unanimously to approve a memorandum of understanding with WISDOT and a vehicle lease with Brown Cab, Inc. to enable the city to obtain a minibus to accommodate multiple wheelchairs for public transportation.

- Approve unanimously $402,500 to pay bills.

- Approved Monroe Lions Club Minhas Oktoberfest Festival Sept. 14-16 and First Baptist Church in the Park August 26.

- Granted miscellaneous licenses.

- Granted a temporary class "B" beer license to Monroe Lions Club for an outdoor beer garden Sept. 14-15.

- Approved temporarily amending the premises description for the "Class B" liquor and beer license Issued to Suisse Haus, Inc. to add an outdoor beer garden Sept. 14-16.

Alderman Michael Boyce requested that addresses be included for properties in rezoning resolutions.

Alderman Sara Conway was absent.

- Tere Dunlap