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Child sex assault case moved to Rock Co.
MONROE - A Texas man charged with repeatedly sexually assaulting a child in 2011 had his charge in Green County dismissed Monday as his case was moved to the jurisdiction of Rock County.

Jeremy Snelson, 35, Monroe, was charged in June with a Class B felony count of repeated sexual assault of a child.

The charge stemmed from a series of events that reportedly occurred between Sept. 1, 2011 and April 10, 2013.

The victim, an underage teenage girl, said Snelson had sexually assaulted her when he lived in Green County in 2011. The victim said Snelson offered her rewards if she agreed to remove her clothes in front of him, before the exchanges escalated into sexual acts.

The assaults reportedly occurred at a residence in the Town of Albany.

Snelson was also charged with four counts of repeated sexual assault of a child in August in Rock County, stemming from related incidents.

Snelson's attorney, Guy Taylor, said Rock County officials had invoked the "Quarter Mile Rule," which allows county officials to assume jurisdiction of a criminal case if the offenses took place within a quarter of a mile of the county line. Snelson's Green County charge was therefore dismissed to avoid duplicitous charges.

Snelson now faces maximum possible sentence of 110 years in prison on his Rock County charges. A plea hearing is scheduled for Dec. 15.