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Celebrating Out Past: Green County Historical Society
This is one of many photographs that were inherited by the Green County Historical Society from the Albert and Marian Deppeler estate. It is unknown who any of these people are, where or when the photo was taken, or what the occasion was. The fact that the two boys in the front are wearing a shirt that says, Monroe, Wisconsin gives it a local connection. If you can identify any of the people or fill in any of the missing facts, please contact Matt at or 608-325-6503. A pre-prom photo from 1936 was printed in this spot on May 31. Thanks to a few phone calls and one email, the following people were able to be identified in the photo: LeRoy Day, John Jenswold, John William Tschanz, Steve Connors, Jack Share, James Clark, Willard Tschanz, Beatrice Bahr, Thelma Lehnherr, Ruth Keegan, Janet Kubly, Janet Blumer, Betty McGrath, Zelma Lehnherr, and Elaine Bartling. (Photo supplied by the Green County Historical Society)