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Celebrating Our Past: National Historic Cheesemaking Center
Limburger cheese was first introduced to the country in 1851 by Rudolph Benkert and today the Chalet Cheese Co-op is the only manufacturer of Limburger in the United States. In 1935, because of its digestive properties, limburger was prescribed to a patient by a physician in Independence, Iowa. The cheese was ordered and shipped from Monroe's post office by John F. Burkhard. Upon arrival, the Iowa postmaster refused the package because of the aroma and it was returned after two delivery attempts, resulting in a "sniffing duel" between the two postmasters in Dubuque. Limburger is wrapped first in a paper film and then an aluminum foil wrap. Previously, lead foil was used until it was outlawed in 1939. Any identification of photo individuals and/or location, questions or comments may be directed to Mary Ann Hanna at 608-325-4324 or nhcchistory@yahoo. (Photo supplied by National Historic Cheesemaking Center)