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Candidate Profile: William Ross

Monroe Mayor

There are two candidates for Monroe mayor. Louis Armstrong is challenging incumbent Bill Ross.

Position sought: Mayor of Monroe

Age: 70

City/town of residence: Monroe

Family: Wife, Marilyn; son Corey, wife Erin and granddaughter Zoe in Spokane, WA; son Nate in Chicago, IL

Education: Bachelors in Economics from Virginia Tech; MBA from University of Phoenix

Occupation: Retired from Saputo Cheese, Inc.; current Mayor of Monroe

Previous elected positions held: Mayor of Monroe

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

1. The top issues facing the city of Monroe are centered around economic development to provide new jobs opportunities for our citizens. We are rapidly running out of available space in our north industrial park for new businesses. The need to acquire more land is an urgent challenge the city must address in the near term. Another top issue is the ongoing maintenance of our infrastructure. Our roads, streets and sidewalks need constant attention. Long range planning allows us to do the necessary repairs to fix these problems in the most cost effective way. Good government consists of a five year plan in order to keep the costs down for these repairs as much as possible and still get the needed work done. Along with these challenges we are constantly streamlining city government to be more efficient keeping taxes down while maintaining our quality of live. Other challenges facing the city are the on going parking ramp issue, the eighth street reconstruction, and the upgrades needed for an aging city hall including the HVAC system, floors, and the concrete work in the front of city hall. All these challenges are being addressed by the city to keep us strong and sustainable into the future. Leadership by the mayor with alders and city staff will ensure success in meeting these challenges.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

2. Other key issues for the city would include the ongoing odor issue at the WWTP. Much effort has gone into the resolution of this problem but more work needs to be done. A collaborative effort between the city, vendors and other communities with a similar problem has put us on a path to resolution in the near future. Out of this plan many great ideas have surfaced. A few of these include reviewing our zoning ordinances for new growth, creating a dog park, and bike lanes leading to the downtown from the trail head at Twining park. The implementation of these ideas will enhance our city economically and maintain our quality of life. Another issue very important to me is our ongoing effort for inter-governmental cooperation between the local governments in Green County. I am encouraging others to join me in this quest. Once again it takes leadership to accomplish these goals for the city of Monroe.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I feel I am the best candidate for the office of mayor. My many years of experience has taught me the inter-workings of city government and how to get things done. I love the city of Monroe and I have worked very hard in my role as mayor holding down taxes and working for a more efficient and cost effective city government. The quality of life we all share in this great community takes work and I am up to the task. As mayor I meet and greet many visitors to the city and with great pride it is my privilege to be the ambassador for city and to tell the story of Monroe and all that we stand for.