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Candidate Profile: Teresa Keehn

Election 2018: Monroe School Board

The School District of Monroe Board of Education has three open seats in the upcoming election. President Bob Erb has decided not to seek re-election. Incumbents Mary Berger, vice president, and Amy Bazley, deputy clerk, are seeking to reclaim their spots on the board. Two write-ins have registered for the race: Teresa Keehn and Lisa Hendrickson, both former educators.

Position sought: Monroe School Board

Age: 39

City/town of residence: Monroe

Family: My parents are David and Jo Ellen Mosher. I live in Monroe with my husband, Kyle; twin boys, Will (9) and Brady (9); and daughter, Julia (4).

Education: UW-Madison (BS); UW-LaCrosse (MSE, and Ed.S)

Occupation: For 16 years I was a school psychologist, special education director, and most recently elementary school principal. When we chose to move back to Monroe two years ago, we felt it was best for my family for me to be a stay at home mom. So, I am honored and privileged to currently be home with my family.

Previous elected positions held: None

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

We have amazing teachers, administrators, and support staff in our schools! I believe we must continue to get the best people in front of our kids to provide the best services possible. Our kids deserve nothing less! The education we provide for students must be high-quality and innovative. To accomplish this, we need to attract highly talented people in all areas of our schools. We have to provide high quality professional development so that teacher and staff have all of the tools and resources necessary to meet the needs of all of our students. We also have to have a strong climate and culture not only within each building, but across the entire district. I feel that my background in education will be a great resource in helping this happen.

In addition, we need to be fiscally responsible and good stewards of our tax dollars. The district just recently passed a referendum, and I feel it's the responsibility of the School Board to ensure that funds are utilized carefully to create the best possible outcomes for students. To do this, the board must work to develop relationships within the community and be open and transparent in its operations.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

The Monroe School District is definitely working from a position of strength. I feel that it is critically important to build relationships with parents and other community organizations. I want to work to strengthening our relationships with parents by building trusting and reciprocal relationships, by enhancing communication, and by building partnerships where schools, teachers and families truly feel and act as partners. The best things happen when we work together, when we share a common vision and goals. We are certainly stronger together!

Our schools are the cornerstone of our community and at the heart of economic development. We are preparing our students to solve problems we don't even know exist yet! This a monumental task that requires all of us working together to ensure our kids are prepared for whatever future they choose. This requires providing a strong, high-quality curriculum as well as innovative educational opportunities that meet the unique needs of all our students. It also requires strong school-community relationships so that we can work together in partnership to ensure our kids have the skills they need and leave our schools on the road to success.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I am passionate about our kids, schools, and community. I grew up in Monroe, I see Monroe as my community, and I will work hard to see that it flourishes. I have 16 years of experience working in school districts as a school psychologist, special education director, and elementary school principal.

Since moving back to Monroe I have worked to become involved in our community. I was a co-chair of the Say YES! to Monroe Schools referendum campaign, I serve on the Monroe Preschool Board, the Green County UW Alumni Board, the United Way Allocations Committee, the Parkside PTO, and am active in my church. I am also in the current class of Green County Leaders.

I believe that serving kids is not just one thing we do, it's the ONLY thing we do. It is the sole reason our schools exist. I have a passion for kids and believe that all kids deserve the best possible education. We have the awesome responsibility of nurturing, caring for, and developing our children. It is a responsibility that I am happy, excited and honored have in order to help each and every one of our kids become the best they can be!