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Candidate Profile: Susan McCallum
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Village of Brooklyn

The Brooklyn Village Board has five people running for three open seats in the April 3 race. Incumbent Susan McCallum will be seeking re-election. Trustee Bruce Crubaugh is stepping down. The other four candidates are Lyle Hawkey, Scott Rosenow, Pat Hawkey and Kyle Smith.

Position sought: Village of Brooklyn Trustee

Age: 62

City/town of residence: Brooklyn

Family: Married, two grown children, 4 grandchildren

Education: Associate Degree Electronics

Occupation: Operations Clerk, City of Madison-Streets

Previous elected positions held: On Brooklyn Village Board since 1996, except for 2-3 years during road

construction and job transitions. Two years as president.

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

We are just beginning to grow again after the 2008 recession, the business park build out and residential areas left to be developed will need oversite consistency and application of our zoning and building ordinances. We have a relatively new Clerk, Deputy Clerk and Police Chief. Our Public Works Director will be retiring this year as well and I want to continue to be an experienced person on the board as those positions, except for one, are all relatively new. I see our financing of services to be critical as we go forward and will work to represent the priorities of our residents and plans that have been developed. I will continue to work collaboratively with members of our District EMS/Fire Commission to provide the level of service our residents expect and support.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Retirement of our Police Chief in 2017 and our Public Works Director in 2018 will/has created uncertainty in services to our residents. We promoted an officer in the department into the Police Chief position and will need to support him as he leads the department. We have the opportunity to provide advancement in the Public Works Department and will need to bring in qualified staff to learn the critical duties of our water and sewer operations. In addition, state laws are changing and we need to keep up with how they affect the village, including shared revenues and more.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

I am "one" of the best candidates, we will be voting for three, because I have a wide knowledge base of government functions. I have invested in residential and commercial property in the village that helps me understand issues from different viewpoints. I enjoy working with diverse groups and am willing to explore new ideas. I believe in affecting change at the local level and my volunteer activities include: founding member and first president of the Brooklyn Area Chamber, founding member and current president of the Brooklyn Area Historical Society, Centennial Committee organizer and lead, developed and executed teen dances and work with local school Pioneer Days.