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Candidate Profile: Sondy Pope
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Candidate Profiles

The Monroe Times contacted candidates in area races and gave them the opportunity to submit profile information. The following profiles were returned and are published below as they were submitted. Democrat Mark Spreitzer and Democrat Sondy Pope are running unopposed in the Nov. 4 general election. Democrat Jon B. Erpenbach, who is running unopposed in state Senate District 27, did not return a profile.

Sondy Pope

Position sought: Representative to 80th Assembly District

Age: Over 18

City/town of residence: Cross Plains, WI

Family: Yes, I have one.

Education: MATC, Edgewood College

Occupation: State Legislator

Previous elected positions held: Representative to the 79th Assembly District

What are the top issues facing this district/board/office and how would you work to resolve them?

One of the biggest issues facing the 80th District and the entire state is the future of public education - particularly in view of the assault being waged by for-profit, private and for-profit charter schools. There is no evidence that these schools do a better job of educating students while they reduce the amount of money available to our public schools which have faced the deepest cuts in funding in Wisconsin's history. I have introduced a new school finance plan very similar to that of Dr. Tony Evers, referred to as "Fair Funding for Our Future." I believe that rural schools in particular are in jeopardy of survival and that public school education is purposely being starved while demands increase for better student achievement and more accountability without providing the resources necessary to achieve those goals. I will continue to speak out and try to halt the expansion of the voucher program of taxpayer dollars going to unaccountable private schools.

Wisconsin's position as last in the Midwest for private sector job growth is clear evidence that we need a new and serious focus on actual job creation instead of pandering to the big money special interests that have been the beneficiaries of tax and other policies in the past four years. I have co-sponsored numerous bills that would have actually created family-supporting jobs and will continue to work in that direction in the future. I believe that equal pay for equal work is necessary as is an increase in the minimum wage if we are to put more money to work in the Wisconsin economy.

What are other key issues facing the district/board/office, and how would you work to resolve them?

Other issues of particular concern include suppressing the vote of elderly, poor and minority citizens by requiring a photo ID in order to vote; the rejection of federal health care funding to cover more Wisconsin citizens while actually saving money; the unregulated growth of frac sand mining; the numerous attempts to control a woman's healthcare choices; the disregard for Wisconsin's rich history of environmental protections; the refusal to engage in efforts to secure a non-partisan redistricting structure; the defiance of campaign finance laws in order to secure advantages in campaign efforts; and the giveaway of tax breaks that overwhelmingly favor the wealthy at high cost to working class families. I would resolve these issues by continuing to work to repeal or stop them. I believe that we are currently headed in the wrong direction on all of these issues.