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Candidate Profile: Sherri Cleasby

Albany School Board

Two seats are up for grabs in the race for Albany School Board. Incumbents Adam Kopp and Sherri Cleasby will run for re-election unopposed.

Position sought: School Board Memeber

Age: 39

City/town of residence: Albany

Family: Engaged to Kyle Seitz, 2 Daughters, Kierra and Kaydra, and a future Stepdaughter Kelsey

Education: Graduated from Albany High School and BTC

Occupation: Dental Assistant for the past 18 years at TriMark Dental Clinic

Previous elected positions held: Albany School Board member for past 3 years.

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

I think the top issues we are facing are the same most districts are facing, the need to find money in the budget for teacher raises, building maintenance, higher curriculum and special education programs.

Working together with the rest of the board over the past 3 years has taught me a lot about collaboration, which is the only way we can make this work. I like to look at the strategic choices we make as a whole for the well-being of the district and try to see the long-term implications of each action.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

I would like to see our open enrollment decrease. We need to get the word out about what kind of school we have here. We have a small, tight community that works together well with the district. Sadly, most that open enroll have never even stepped foot into our school, maybe because of their commute to work and lack of daycare options? It would be nice if we can find a way for our Community Center to become a before school care option as well as the after school drop in program that currently runs. We could collaborate the school and the Community Center to what works best with the families in our district and meet their needs instead of them finding it elsewhere.