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Candidate Profile: Roy R. Ruegsegger
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Pecatonica School Board

With three open seats, the Pecatonica school board election should be relatively simple for voters on April 3. Incumbents Roy Ruegsegger, Jill Gaskell and Marissa Theorin are running for their seats unopposed.

Position sought: Board of Education


City/town of residence: Blanchardville

Family: wife - Carolyn; 6 - children; 12 - Grandchildren; 1 - Great Grandchild

Education: High School; Vocational School

Occupation: Retire

Former - Dairy Farmer; A.I. Technician; Retail Store owner

Previous elected positions held: Board of Education - 23 yrs; Church Deacon - 13 yrs; Swiss and Limburger Cheese Producers - Board of Directors; Pecatonica Valley Creamery - Board of Directors; Hay Hollow Cheese Factory - President; Old York Cemetery President and Director 44 years

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

Hiring top qualified employees is a constant challenge. Competing against the Madison Area wage scale is almost impossible so we must offer top benefits including small town and small school advantages.

Open Enrollment has always been a major concern of Pecatonica Schools. We must develop programs and benefits that stand above other districts, improve test scores and maintain and improve the quality of porgrams we now have in the district.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

It is no secret that parents who get involved in their children's education have children with better grade averages and are also more balanced indivudals. While our parent involvement is very good, their is definitley room for improvement. Continual efforts to educate and encourage parent involvement in any area, both at home and at school, should be accelerated. increased communication from school bildings to homes is to remain a necessity.

Along with this administraters, teachers, aids, workers, and school board members need to spend more time listening to parents and public opinion so we can make better decisions on spending and education.