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Candidate Profile: Karen Signer
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Town of Cadiz

In the Town of Cadiz, Bud Strunz is challenging incumbent Kenneth Goodman for chairman. Tom Knautz and Matthew Beckman are running for Supervisor 1. Lance Fredricks is challenging incumbent Scott Grossen for Supervisor 2. Incumbent Karen Signer is unopposed for clerk.

Position sought: Clerk

Age: 65

City/town of residence: Town of Cadiz

Family: Husband, Dale; stepson, Joshua; daughter-in-law, Kristine; and granddaughters, Desirae and Clara

Education: Associate Degree in Accounting, Madison Area Technical College; Associate Degree in Business, Kishwaukee College; Bachelor's Degree in Accounting, Northern Illinois University

Occupation: Retired CPA

Previous elected positions held: Clerk for the Town of Cadiz for past four years

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

Our top issue is roads. The board has a fiduciary responsibility to the taxpayers to use our funds wisely. It makes no sense to repair roads by using the cheapest vendor unless that vendor provides us with a quality product. If we have to patch roads within a year or two of having them repaved we are throwing good money after bad.

Ullom Road is a perfect example. The southern .4 miles of Ullom Road was gravel until 2010. At that time it was paved at an estimated total project cost of $26,000, less a requested reimbursement request of $9,500. Unfortunately, there was no gravel base put on the road before it was paved and we have been paying to have the road repaired ever since, at a cost of at least $12,091. The pavement continues to crack and wear at an alarming rate.

As clerk, I see my position as being one of providing information. To this end I have been working to organize the Town's records so that we will be able to more easily find needed information. I also regularly research the Wisconsin Statutes in an effort to keep us on the straight and narrow.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

It is important that we stop discriminating against individuals and companies. Continuing to do so opens us up to the threat of lawsuits. Employees with grievances should be required to follow the state-mandated employee grievance procedures that we adopted in 2011. No one, including the chairman, is above the law.

The board needs leadership that will take control of our meetings and run them in a professional and respectful manner so that the board is able to execute the duties which they were elected to perform. Questions should be respected and no one should be bullied.

Again, I see my position as being one of providing information, mainly to the board, but also to the residents of the Town of Cadiz. I have initiated office hours which are posted outside the Cadiz Town Hall. A priority for the next year will be to try to develop a cost-effective website on which to publish minutes, agendas, and other information of interest to the residents of the Town of Cadiz.