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Candidate Profile: John A. Sonsalla
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Election 2018: City of Darlington

Darlington Mayor David J. Breuning is running unopposed to retain his seat. City council has three open seats. Incumbents John Sonsalla, Cynthia Corley and Steve Pickett are seeking re-election unopposed.

Position sought: Darlington City Council

Age: 71

City of residence: Darlington, WI

Family: My wife Phyllis and I have four adult children; Patrick, Douglas, Andy and Amy. We had twelve consecutive years of participating in high school cross county, track, theater, band and forensics. We have ten grandchildren but since they live out of the area, we have to travel to get to all their events. Our daughter runs marathons which takes us to Milwaukee and other destinations often.

Education: High School diploma at Holmen High School, B.S. degree in Biology in Teaching at UW-River Falls, Master degree in Environmental Science at UW-Platteville.

Occupation: Retired Teacher

Previous elected positions held: Darlington City Council 10 years, Darlington School Board 17 years, CESA III Board of Control 12 years, President of Teacher's Association for Darlington, Highland, and Mineral Point Schools, Darlington Jaycees, former State Officer

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

I have lived in Darlington since l969 and am very familiar with the changes that have occurred over the years. I have served on city council over ten years. Attracting young people to stay and come to Darlington is the number one priority for rural communities like Darlington. As ordinance committee chairman I have been working on residential home upkeep and improvements for the city. Having been head negotiator in various school districts, I have learned to work with people on very controversial issues. Being a good listener, I can provide sound ideas for discussions and solutions.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

It is important to keep people using/supporting the businesses in Darlington as compared to going out of town. The city should acquire land near the city via annexation so more affordable housing could be built and attached to our existing water and sewer system. We need to stay on a schedule to maintain the city streets and water and sewer lines. Continued support and improvements of our school system is essential for attracting people to Darlington. Continued support and understanding of Hispanic families moving into our town. The Darlington activities such as the Opera House, City Service Brew Pub, walking trail by the river, rec trail and all of main street should continue to be advertised in the tourism guides.