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Candidate Profile: Jeffrey McNeely
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Town of Brooklyn

In the Town of Brooklyn, Rob Bartle and Rex Tilley are running for Supervisor 2. Incumbent Russell Cichy is unopposed for treasurer. Garth Langhammer, the incumbent, is unchallenged for chairman. Incumbent Jeff McNeely is running for Supervisor 1, while incumbent Amy Ross is unopposed for clerk.

Position sought: 1st Supervisor Town of Brooklyn

Age: 32

Town of residence: Town of Brooklyn

Family: Wife Nicole McNeely

Education: Bachelor's Degree in Dairy Science from UW- River Falls

Occupation: A partner in Rollin Green Dairy Farms and Dairy herd manager

Previous elected positions held: I currently hold this position

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

I would consider the major issue facing our town is road funding. This issue is not just in our town but is a statewide issue that needs to be addressed. To resolve this issue I will work with the board to continue to save money in other areas to increase our highway construction budget. We need to do the best we can with the resources available to maintain acceptable roads in the town.

Another top issue is Fire and EMS budgetary and staffing issues. We need to provide a sufficient level of protection in our rural areas, however, due to lack of daytime volunteers this is becoming a bigger problem in many of our districts. In most instances, that comes with a substantial increase in cost by hiring staff to provide EMS and Fire services. This is becoming a larger and larger problem affecting anyone residing in a rural area and the issue needs to be addressed.