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Candidate Profile: Debra J. Meythaler

South Wayne Village Board

There are two candidates for two seats on the South Wayne village board. Debra Meythaler and Lisa Nelson, the incumbent, are running.

Position sought: Village Board Trustee

Age: 60

City/town of residence: South Wayne

Family: Children are Brandi Baumgartner, Emily Herbst, Merik Meythaler, and Braytn Meythaler, Grandchildren are Abby, Hannah, Avery, Bryce, Carter, Cooper and Fiancee David Neff all of South Wayne.

Education: Graduated from Black Hawk Class of 1973 and obtained my insurance license from MATC in Madison, WI

Occupation: Independent Insurance Agent for Dave Mosher & associates in Monroe, WI

Working in the Insurance field for 26-plus years.

Previous elected positions held: Many years ago I was on the parents/booster clubs for the Black Hawk School District and I served 3 terms on the Our Saviors Church Council of South Wayne.

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

IN our municipality we have several small boards that are all working toward maintaining a common goal to help our town grow and stay alive so we need to provide positive things for our youth like the park, which brings revenue to our community during the summer months and keeping our local Churches here by having fundraisers. Support our Local school by attending sporting events, school plays, concerts at the school, the breakfasts that are put on by our own youth. This will help those things prosper which in turn will help our town grow as people will want to come here, move here and raise a family here.

SO I think communicating with each other, be a good listener, answer your phone, hear all sides of every complaint or suggestion that may be forwarded to you. Support the local events, speak well of our town and what we stand for. Be a team it will all work together.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

I will know better when I am elected, but I would think Street betterment and a formula to figure out where and when first. Garbage and Waste, water and sewer and the necessary upkeep to making the village clean and more inviting to folks either passing by, visiting or possibly looking at a potential home that is for sale.