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Candidate Profile: Aaron Wolfe
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Position sought: School Board Director - Darlington Community School District

Age: 39

City/town of residence: Darlington

Family: My partner Cristina and I have 5 children: Ian, Evander, Rose, Elizabeth and Arya.

Education: 1996 graduate of Darlington. Attended UW-Madison 1996-1999

Occupation: Owner/Operator of Darlington Reboot

Previous elected positions held: School Board Director (6 years), School Board President (3 years)

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it?

School finance, and the impact it has on other aspects of education, is our district's biggest challenge. Like most other districts, Darlington relies upon operating referenda to continue to provide the programs and services that are right for our community. With changes at the state level, I expect Darlington to be able to present a smaller operating referendum in 2021 when our current one expires. An adequately funded school is imperative to retain and attract excellent educators, as well as to address important facility needs. This must be balanced with keeping a tax burden that is bearable.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Darlington must always work hard to adapt and evolve while maintaining the strengths we have built throughout our history. We have addressed many facility issues recently, but maintaining and updating our aging facilities will continue to be a challenge.

As a board, one of our biggest responsibilities is to make sure our teachers have the resources they need to maintain our programs, and to innovate and discover new ways to have positive impacts on our students. Our educators should be a source of guidance for the school board; a board must give teachers opportunities to inform and guide board decisions.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

In my six years on the board and three years as board president, I have worked very hard to gain an understanding of the many complicated mechanisms that govern public education. I learn something new at every meeting, but I do have a strong foundation of experience that is necessary for a board to function well. In my time on the board we have navigated difficult issues, and I feel I have been instrumental in many of the positive things that have happened in Darlington. Each of those positive things happened as a result of many people working very hard to achieve them, and I played my part. Our board members work very well together. Debates and disagreements are respectful and when they are over we each vote in the way that we feel is best for our students. The most important role of a board president is not about decisions or issues, but about processes. It's about facilitating healthy and relevant discussions in a way that is inclusive. I believe that I have done this well, and I would like the opportunity to continue to do so.