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Call it puppy love
Abandoned puppies getting plenty of help from Green County residents
puppies abandoned
A litter of young puppies were found abandoned in northwestern Green County last weekend. In less than two days, all eight puppies found foster homes. They are available for adoption, but will likely need to be raised for 2-3 months before that’s possible, the Green County Humane Society said in a Facebook post June 9.

MONROE — A basket full of puppies pulled at the heart strings of Green County residents last weekend after a passerby found the newborn pups in a box in a rural area near New Glarus. 

The news of the discovery was posted on social media and generated significant response from the public.  There were nearly 1,000 reactions to an initial post and photo of the puppies — all sleeping together in a laundry basket — posted on the Green County Humane Society Facebook site. 

People responding were outraged and saddened by the heartlessness of whomever left the eight little dogs in a box near the intersection of Wis. 39 and County J outside New Glarus.

Public comments included “It’s so sad that a human can be so hateful” and “They are so perfect. Why could anyone leave them?”

But there also were many offers to care for and foster the pups, according officials at the humane society, where they were taken.

Indeed, the incident ended well — all eight of the pups immediately went to foster homes — although the story will not have a completely happy ending until they are all adopted. There were six females and two males in the litter, according to Rachel Horton, operations manager for the Green County Humane Society. 

“At this time the breed is unknown. We are hoping as they grow, we will be able to determine breed or possibly DNA test them,” she said.

The puppies, estimated to be only a week or two old when they were found, were placed with four different foster homes, she said, as “bottle feeding eight puppies can be a lot.”

Horton said they also are working with county authorities to try to find out who left them on the side of the road. Meanwhile, the puppies are getting plenty of love and attention from their fosters families and, seemingly, all of Green County.

“…All (the puppies) are named after country singers, they are eating well, and loving all the attention the foster homes are providing,” said Horton. “They came to us actually pretty healthy so not away from mom long from the looks of it.”

Those interested in adopting one of the pups — and there is plenty of interest — are asked to contact the Green County Humane Society at 608-325-9600.