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Brodhead police stop 30 drivers for not yielding to pedestrians
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MONROE - The Brodhead Police Department issued 30 warnings to drivers in only four hours Wednesday for failing to properly yield for pedestrians.

The warnings were issued as part of a special pedestrian safety enforcement deployment at the intersection of 1st Center Avenue and 21st Street.

According to a Brodhead Police statement, a Community Service Officer in civilian repeatedly crossed the street at the intersection, while a police officer monitored the crosswalk and stopped any driver who failed to properly yield.

A similar deployment occurred at the same location on July 14. Eighteen warnings were issued during that deployment.

Traffic at the intersection has increased since the previous deployment due to a detour around construction on Wisconsin 81.

Brodhead Police Chief Chris Hughes said the department still received several complaints regarding drivers failing to stop for pedestrians after the July deployment. Although officers did not cite offenders for failing to yield, they did provide handouts explaining how to properly yield for pedestrians.

Drivers are required by state law to yield to any pedestrian who has entered a crosswalk and are not permitted to proceed until all pedestrians have exited the crosswalk.

Officers also issued three traffic citations during the deployment. The first was for failing to stop a pedestrian after the driver was seen looking at a cell phone while driving. The other two citations were issued to a driver with a suspended license and another driver who failed to wear a seatbelt.