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Brodhead police, banks warn of scam calls
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BRODHEAD - The Brodhead Police Department and Bank of Brodhead are warning bank customers and other residents in the Brodhead area of a pre-recorded phone call scam to get vital information.

The Brodhead Police Department is warning citizens in portions of Green and Rock counties served by the 897 telephone prefix to take extra precautions with their personal banking information in the wake of ongoing attempts to fraudulently access accounts in area banks.

Calls are being placed to hundreds of phone numbers with the 897 prefix, and similar calls have been turning up in Orfordville and Albany, according to a Brodhead police news release.

Between Sunday and Wednesday, more than 80 citizens had contacted the Brodhead police reporting suspicious phone calls seeking bank account numbers and account PIN numbers.

Complainants receive pre-recorded phone calls from people claiming to be with the Sugar River Bank or the Bank of Brodhead. The recordings are asking people to call and provide account information over the phone for the purpose of providing "security or activation" of accounts.

The Bank of Brodhead has put out warnings on its Web site and on the radio.

A representative of the bank said the calls began Sunday and involve attempts to obtain account numbers, PIN numbers, security codes and expiration dates for the Bank of Brodhead Charge Card, ATM or VISA Check Card.

The correct response is to do nothing or contact the Bank of Brodhead directly, the bank representative said.

If you already have given out information, contact your bank immediately. The Bank of Brodhead Customer Service number is (608) 897-2121.

The Bank of Brodhead said neither it nor its processors ever will call customers for vital information about charge cards, ATM or VISA Check cards.

The police caution bank customers never to give out any personal or financial information to anyone over the phone.

If you receive a similar call, note the caller's phone number if possible, and provide no information. Then contact your bank and local law enforcement.

The Brodhead Police Department phone number is (608) 897-2112.