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Brochure reflects changes
The Green County Courthouse is the subject of a new Green County Tourism brochure.
MONROE - A new, colorful brochure can be added to the list of changes for the Green County Courthouse over the next few months.

By the end of the year, the court system will have moved to a new justice center and a few new offices will call the courthouse home. Among the new offices will be Green County Tourism.

That will mean people who visit Monroe will stop at the courthouse, Green County Tourism Director Noreen Rueckert said.

"To me it's interesting that in 2009 Main Street will be changing the facade of the Square, the court services will be moving to a new home. But one thing remains the same, a building which has obviously stood the test of time for nearly 120 years," Rueckert said.

Visitors will be able to see the new brochures, which include color pictures of the courthouse as well as the Civil War statue and refurbished Civil War cannons and the newly constructed caissons in the northwest corner of the Courthouse Square.

The new brochures mention the fact that about 2,500 people from Green County fought in the Civil War and that the statue was dedicated in 1913 and was created from a portrait of Cpl. William Reese, who was born in Clarno township and was one of the last soldiers killed in the war.

Rueckert put the brochures together last fall. They recently were printed and placed at the courthouse.

"The older ones were getting out of date." she said.

The old brochures, with black and white photos, told the story of the courthouse and also mentioned that the court system was located in the building. In a few months, that information no longer will be accurate.

A list of historical highlights in the new brochure organizes the important dates in the building's history - from the year the county board voted to build the courthouse (1890) to the year the court services moved to the new justice center (2009).

Information about the architect, the dedication ceremony in 1891 and the two murals in the courtroom also is included in the new brochure, just as it was included in the old brochure.

More information about the courthouse and about Green County is available at