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BREAKING: Remains found in County P fire
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MONROE - Human remains have been found inside a farm house destroyed by fire early this morning.

The remains have not yet been identified, according to Lt. Paul Weichbrod of the Green County Sheriff's Department.

The fire call came at 12:13 a.m. at W6429 County P. The caller reported there was a fire in the basement of the house and they were working on getting everyone out of the home, Weichbrod reported.

Deputies arriving on the scene were told a subject had entered the house with a fire extinguisher but had not come back out.

Monroe Fire Chief Daryl Rausch said the fire started near a wood furnace in the basement of a 2-story woodframe farm house.

Thirteen fire departments, including Monroe, battled the blaze. Weichbrod said the fire department "made an aggressive attempt to fight the fire and search the house for the person believed to be inside." Firefighters were pulled out of the house after about 35 minutes due to concerns for their safety.

The remains were found inside the house during an investigation after the blaze was extinguished.