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Bomhack, Marklein vie for 17th Senate seat
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MONROE - What issues will make southwest Green County voters come out to support their favorite candidates on Nov. 4?

They're mostly about money, according to the answers of the candidates running for the 17th District Senate seat, Democrat Pat Bomhack and Republican Howard Marklein, both of Spring Green.

Marklein, a Certified Public Accountant, is sticking with his managing-money approach that he successfully ran on and used during his term in the state Assembly.

"The state has made significant progress in improving the balance sheet for the last three years," Marklein said. "I believe the voters in Green County want accountability to make sure we don't fall back into old accounting gimmicks, which, as you know, stole some (transportation) funds."

Bomhack, a lawyer, sees voters as having a broad concern for state legislative work.

He believes his supporters' primary issue is his "approach to government that focuses on bipartisanship, my commitment to building consensus and seeking compromise."

Bomhack said he is aiming to "uphold the legacy of Dale Schultz," the retiring District 17 Senator. Continuing that legacy, he added, includes "reaching across the aisle, involving both parties and not outside interests."

But Bomhack does get down to the money in his approach to government.

"Specifically, reinvesting in our local public schools and getting our bite of the apple to repair our rural roads," he added.

Marklein, on the other hand, is looking at reducing property taxes as another major issue his supporters most often discuss with him.

"Property taxes are still high. They are the most despised tax we have," Marklein said. "People tell me they want our finances in order, but not (at the cost of higher) property taxes."