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Board signals opposition to guns on school grounds
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MONROE - In a symbolic move, the Monroe school board adopted a resolution Monday against any potential legislation that would allow guns or other weapons on school grounds.

"I think from our standpoint, it's common sense that (guns) shouldn't be in schools - it's not the place - and this makes that clear," said board president Bob Erb.

The resolution was recommended by the policy committee, which discussed the issue after Derek Hoesly, 28, of Monroe brought it up at a February school board meeting. Hoesly, who urged the board to adopt a resolution against guns in schools, said he's involved with the Wisconsin Anti-Violence Effort.

If state or federal legislators pass a law legalizing guns on school property, the resolution wouldn't override it. But school boards signaling their opposition could make legislators reconsider supporting such legislation.

"Our legislators don't have a real history of listening to us very much, but I certainly think we should go on the record opposing (legislation that would allow guns in schools) as strongly as we possibly can," said board member Les Bieneman during a discussion in March.

State Republican lawmakers proposed a bill earlier this year that would allow people with a concealed carry license to bring their firearms onto school property unless prohibited by the school.

The Monroe school board makes an exception in the resolution for police to carry weapons on school grounds. In its own words: "The School Board of the School District of Monroe strongly opposes any legislative initiatives at the state or federal level that would legalize the ability of any person, with the exception of sworn law enforcement officers, to bring or possess a firearm or other weapon, concealed or other, in a 'school zone'; in a school-related vehicle; or at school activities or functions."

Board members who were present Monday voted unanimously to adopt the resolution and signed it after the meeting. District Administrator Cory Hirsbrunner said the rest - Amy Bazley, Mary Berger and Cheryl McGuire - would be asked to sign it later.