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BH student’s threats cause lockdown, scare
Black Hawk Schools

SOUTH WAYNE — A student faces expulsion from Black Hawk schools after threats forced a lockdown on May 17.

In a statement to families Friday afternoon, District Administrator Willy Chambers summarized the situation. He said a student was heard making a threat directed at others, and once high school principal Cory Milz was made aware of the situation, law enforcement was immediately called.

“Initially, the principal and another male staff member brought the student into the office without incident and conducted a safety check,” Chambers said. “We want to thank the students who came forward and reported the incident to staff. We encourage others to do the same if they find themselves in a similar situation in the future. We are also grateful for the quick response of our law enforcement partners today.”

A law enforcement officer arrived on the scene and removed the student from the school.

“The individual who made the reported threat will not be returning to school on an indefinite basis,” Chambers said. 

To maintain student confidentiality, Chambers wouldn’t release any further details. He added an expulsion hearing is not imminent, as he needs to set up a meeting with the school board.

On Monday, Lafayette County Sheriff Reg Gill said the investigation isn’t over, but it is being “dealt with,” and the information has been turned over to the District Attorney’s office for potential charges.

Gill also said the male student was cooperative with the investigation, and that no weapon had been found on the student or with his possessions.

“There’s been a lot of social media chatter, but a lot of it is not credible,” Gill said.

Sheriff’s deputies will have a presence in the village the rest of this week, Gill said.

The incident comes just weeks after an armed 14-year-old student was killed by law enforcement authorities in an active shooter situation in Mount Horeb, just 30 miles away.

Chambers said the increased presence of law enforcement around South Wayne was appreciated. He also wanted to remind parents, staff and students the school’s administration did not take the incident lightly.

“Please know that we take this situation very seriously and the appropriate disciplinary action will be taken, in alignment with district policy,” Chambers said.