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Belleville man faces domestic abuse charges
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MONROE - A Belleville man faces multiple felony charges after being involved in domestic abuse incidents in the Town of Exeter.

Bradley Donald Zweifel, 42, was charged Monday with two Class G felony counts of intimidating a victim, a Class H felony count of false imprisonment, two misdemeanor counts of battery and two misdemeanor counts of disorderly conduct.

Zweifel was charged after the victim was arrested on an unrelated charge in May. After her arrest, she told police of two cases of domestic violence between Feb. 15 and 22 and between April 3 and 10.

According to the victim, the incident in February occurred after an argument between Zweifel and the victim turned physical. Zweifel assaulted the victim by throwing her to the ground, pinning her to the floor, forcibly taking her cellphone and pursuing her when she extricated herself.

Zweifel also reportedly threatened the victim by telling her that only one of them would be alive if the cops were called.

Then, in April, Zweifel reportedly pushed the victim's head into the back of a couch, causing her eye to strike an exposed piece of wood. He also repeatedly punched the victim in the shoulder.

The victim also gave the police photographs of her injuries after the assaults.

The maximum possible sentence for Zweifel's charges is 13 years in prison. His initial appearance is scheduled for Dec. 12.