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As temps drop, fall appears to be here to stay
Robin Guess works on raking her yard in Monroe earlier this week. This is Guess first time raking her yard this year. "I usually get lucky and the leaves blow in other people's yards." Monroe residents can sweep their leaves along the curb and the city will continue to pick them up until Dec. 1 or the first significant snowfall. (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
MONROE - After a week with some unseasonably warm temperatures, it's time to get the extra sweaters out and get ready for full-blown fall weather. The week started out with temperatures in the low 70s, gradually declining to Friday's high of 59. After today's high of 61, expect high temperatures to stay in the 50s through next week: Sunday, Monday and Tuesday are forecast to be in the high 50s before the mercury drops to a high of 54 Wednesday and a high of just 50 on Thursday.