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Area Polling Places
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All polling places in Green and Lafayette counties are open from 7 a.m. to 8 p.m. Tuesday. Green County Townships • Adams, town hall, N5705 Biggs Road, Argyle • Albany, town hall, N6065 County E, Albany • Brooklyn, town hall, 400 Main St., Brooklyn • Cadiz, town hall, W8445 County B, Browntown • Clarno, town hall, W6126 County B, Monroe • Decatur, town hall, 1408 14th St., Brodhead • Exeter, town hall, W2998 Wisconsin 92, Belleville • Jefferson, Juda Community Center, W 2845 County KS, Juda • Jordan, town hall, W8495 Wis. 81, Argyle • Monroe, town hall, N3302 Monroe Road, Monroe • Mt. Pleasant, Zwingli United Church of Christ, 416 E. Lake Ave., Monticello • New Glarus, 26 5th Ave., New Glarus • Spring Grove, town hall, N2475 County GG, Brodhead • Sylvester, town hall, N4505 Wis. 59, Albany • Washington, town hall, W6113 County C, Monticello • York, town hall, N8105 Postville Road (County H at Postville), Blanchardville Villages • Albany, village hall, 206 N. Water St., Albany • Belleville, village hall, 24 W. Main St., Belleville • Brooklyn, village hall, 102 N. Rutland, Brooklyn • Browntown, village hall, 110 S. Mill St., Browntown • Monticello, village hall, 140 N. Main St., Monticello • New Glarus, village hall, 319 2nd St., New Glarus Cities • Brodhead, city hall, 1111 W. 2nd Ave., Brodhead • Monroe, Fire Station No.