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Annex buildings to become apartments
Three buildings commonly referred to as the annex properties are undergoing renovations by owner Neil Homb of South Wayne, who has plans to create four 1,100-square-foot apartments in each structure. Plans to remodel the buildings had been put on hold but recent trouble with area teenagers brought their condition to the attention of the city and jump-started the projects once again. The first building is set for completion next fall. (Times photo: Bridget Cooke)
MONROE - Three buildings along Mansion Drive, commonly referred to as the annex properties, are in the process of being updated as apartments for tenants 50 years and older. A fourth property, the brick building closest to Mansion Drive, is in the process of being sold to the neighboring Ludlow Mansion to possibly be used for storage or livable space. Mansion proprietor Greg Fedders has not proposed any definite plans to the city.