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Albany school district seeks board members
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ALBANY - The Albany School District is seeking district residents who want to become members of the Board of Education.

Applications for candidacy are available in the school office. The date for filling applications is Jan. 5.

Each spring, the residents of the Albany School District elect new board members or re-elect incumbents. There are seven positions on the Albany School District Board of Education. The term of office is three years beginning in April.

There will be three board member positions on the April 5 ballot, when the terms of office expire for incumbents Fred Johnson, Ed Maksym, and Mike Marean.

School boards and members deal with local educational conditions and decide local educational issues. Their power and authority are established in the Wisconsin and federal constitutions and statutes.

School boards have the general responsibility for the management and supervision of the school district. The major responsibilities of the school board are student achievement, policy-making, board-administrator relations, evaluation of policies, people, and programs in the district, budget responsibility, community communications and student advocacy.

Experience has shown that successful school board members are committed to students in the district, open-minded, willing to develop by attending seminars and workshops, able to visualize and to understand changes in society, able to work with other school board members and are free from conflict with any other interests.

The legal requirements for being a school board member are: must be 18 years of age or older, be a citizen of the United States and have resided in the school district for at least 28 consecutive days at the time of filing a declaration of candidacy.

Contact Gloria Kopp at 608-862-3225 at the Albany School or at for more information or to complete a declaration of candidacy form.