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A Place in History: 813 E. Louisa St., Darlington
A hewn stone home owned by Dennis Byrne at 816 E. Louisa St. in Darlington is full of history, and it is in need of help.

Byrne is selling the property, which was built around 1838. Byrne said the house is one of the oldest stone houses in Darlington.

It has served as a private residence, starting for Mr. Terrel, a funeral director and tradesman in Darlington. Terrel made cabinets.

Terrel sold the property around 1887 to Peter Nelson, father of Thomas Nelson, who was born in the house in the early 1900s.

Thomas Nelson was school superintendent in Darlington when the school was downtown.

After the Nelsons moved, the house changed ownership a few times. In the 1960s, John Maundt bought the house and lived in it until 2003, when he moved out.

Byrne bought the house then, but did not use it as living quarters.

The house needs to be restored. The east wall is in bad repair and needs to be re-installed.