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A day at the races for Scouts
Times photo: Tere Dunlap Cub Scout Raiden Mayberry, 6, with The Akela dragster will advance to the Blackhawk Area Council Pinewood Derby in Pecatonica, Ill., in April.

Saturday's Derby Results

First- and second-place winners advance to the Blackhawk Area Council Derby on April 18-19 in Pecatonica, Ill. Third-place winner are alternates.

Tigers - 1st-graders:

1st place - Raiden Mayberry

2nd place - Dayne Lawinger

3rd place - Noah Becker

Wolfs - 2nd-graders:

1st place - Sam Tackett

2nd place - Connor Mayberry

Bears - 3rd-graders:

1st place - Brett Lyne

2nd place - Joe Hauck

3rd place - Race Hagen

Webelos - 4th-graders:

1st place - Ti Pitman

2nd place - Jackson Conway

3rd place - Dylan Wahler

MONROE - Raiden Mayberry, 6, of Cub Scout Pack 114, will be taking his purple pinewood dragster, The Akela, to the 2009 Blackhawk Area Council Pinewood Derby on April 18-19 in Pecatonica, Ill.

Mayberry won first place in the Tigers (first-grade) age group in a double elimination contest against Dayne Lawinger, who took second place, and Noah Becker, who took third, on Saturday. Lawinger also is eligible to compete in the Council Derby in April.

The Blackhawk Area Council covers northern Illinois and southern Wisconsin.

The secret to his winning car was his stepdad, Mayberry said, pointing to Eric Dosio.

Mayberry didn't know what Dosio did to The Akela to make it go faster, but as the driver, Mayberry trusts his "mechanic."

"I would have cut the wheels off," he said with a smile.

Pack Committee chairman, Jeremy Hagen, served as the race starter, lifting children too short to reach the starting line so they could place their cars on the track.

"We're all volunteers here," he said of the adults.

Jim Hauck, Cub Master, will keep the winning cars boxed and sealed until they reach the Council races in April.

Hauck's own derby car, which he entered in the open class, was the bare derby car kit assembled, but uncut, and adorned with three Cubs baseball stickers. While helping Cub Scouts with their cars, Hauck said he didn't have time to modify his own.

About 25 cars in all were entered in the derby, 12 in the open class.

Boy Scouts Jason Rabotski, 13, and Lucus Koch, 14, both past members of Cub Pack 114, were at the derby, waiting for their troop derby activity.

Their troop decided to have their own derby after the Pinewood Derby, because "we enjoyed the races so much as Cub Scouts," Rabotski said.

Rabotski went to the Council Derby during his second through fifth years in Cub Scouts, when the races still took place in Rockford.

"I got killed in Rockford. The people there are really good," he said.

The official Scout car kits cost about $3.50 each and come with all the basic parts needed for a derby competition.

"But others spend a lot," Rabotski said.

Derby car builders can opt to used other items, like graphite axles, which create less friction on the wheels but also can create a car worth up to 10 times the cost, he said.

For Saturday's fun race, Rabotski used a previously raced car, which is not allowed at official Pinewood Derby races.

Koch created a "Going Green" car for the troop activity. With fishing sinkers used as weights, his car originally weighed in at 6.35 ounces.

Koch had to remove one sinker to meet derby regulations of weighing fewer than five ounces. Even with the removal of one weight, Koch had to drill holes in the bottom of his car to take off the remaining .35 ounces.