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3 county positions to get bump in pay
MONROE - The Green County Board unanimously passed salary increases for three elected county positions Tuesday, March 11.

The pay raises, approved for county clerk, sheriff and coroner, will not take effect until after the fall elections for terms beginning in January of 2015. All positions are currently running unopposed but applicants for the positions have until June to file.

According to the Green County website, Sheriff Mark Rohloff currently has a salary of $74,298.14, and this will be increased by one percent. The clerk of court, Barb Miller, currently has a salary of $54,753.93, which will be increased to $60,534. County Coroner Kris Hasse will be switched from hourly pay to a salary of $37,440. Each position will also receive an annual percentage increase to be decided by the county board at their annual budget meetings. These increases will be included in the budget for each year of the four-year terms.

Even though the coroner will be switched from part-time hourly pay to a salary position with limited benefits, the position will still be considered a part-time job. Deputy coroners will stay on hourly and call-based pay.

Arthur Carter, chair to the county board, said it is difficult to determine how the increase will affect the position down the road.

"Once it's set, you can't change it," he said.

There was discussion by the board about neighboring counties who had opted to not increase salaries during the recession and ended up heavily increasing wages four years later.

The coroner was receiving pay for 25 hours per week, but, according to the board, the wages did not reflect the amount of work put in. Health benefits will also be added, but they will be pro-rated like a part-time position. There was a service of $60 to $120 when a coroner is out on call, depending on their severity. The call-based pay will still apply to deputy coroners.