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$250,000 bond in attempted homicide
David Heisz, 59, sits for his preliminary hearing for first-degree attempted homicide Monday at the Lafayette County Courthouse in Darlington. (Times photo: Marissa Weiher)
DARLINGTON - A Bagley man charged with attempted homicide had his bond set at $250,000 at a hearing Monday.

David Arnold Heisz, 59, appeared in Lafayette County Circuit Court Monday for a scheduled preliminary hearing on a Class A felony count of first-degree attempted homicide, a Class H felony count of false imprisonment and a misdemeanor count of battery.

Heisz was charged earlier this month after he reportedly attacked a woman who he claimed stole money from him in the Town of White Oak Springs. After an altercation in Heisz's vehicle, the woman escaped from him, but not before he reportedly fired a handgun in her direction.

A .45 bullet was later found recently embedded in a nearby field.

Heisz's attorney, John Smerlinski, requested postponing Heisz's preliminary hearing to give him additional time to prepare, but agreed to discuss Heisz's bond.

Green County Assistant District Attorney Jenna Gill recommended that the court set a $500,000 cash bond, citing the severity of the alleged offenses and the danger Heisz poses to the community.

Smerlinski called Gill's proposal excessive, saying that Heisz's only income is from disability payments at $1,300 per month and concluding that a $50,000 bond would be sufficient. He added that Heisz has kept a residence in Lafayette County for 17 years and therefore has ties to the community.

Gill protested Smerlinski's former point, saying that the ongoing law enforcement investigation into the incident suggested that the woman may have actually stolen a substantial sum of money from Heisz - ranging from possibly $12,000 to $112,000. If that is true, Gill said, Heisz would clearly have access to considerable funds with which to pay bond.

Judge Duane Jorgenson said that, in light of the severe allegations against Heisz, the bond would be set at $250,000, with conditions that Heisz have no contact with the woman in the incident or her residence, and that he possess no firearms or ammunition.

Jorgenson also allowed Heisz to relinquish his debit card to his girlfriend so that his disability payments could still be received. The Lafayette County Sheriff's Department returned the card to an associate of Heisz to deliver to Heisz's girlfriend.

Heisz's preliminary hearing was rescheduled to March 28. His charges carry a maximum possible sentence of life imprisonment.