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Kelly: Positive through it all
Peter B. Kelly
Peter B. Kelly

By Peter B. Kelly 

As one of the four candidates in this judicial race, I was proud of how the four of us worked hard to campaign with respect for each other and for the honorable seat on the Branch 1 Circuit Court bench for Green County. I am still proud of Jane, Faun and Dan for being so professionally respectful in our forums and our individual face book and web site posts. On Wednesday, February 3, an amateur in this campaign business tried to stir things up by divisively wrapping half-truths and falsehoods together in his Monroe Times “Guest Column” in order to elevate his favorite candidate by trying dishonestly to lower the stature of the competition. There is one way to judicially handle this pitiful and transparent ploy: I will continue to be positive, truthful, and respectful of my fellow candidates, realizing that any one of them might be the Branch 1 judge for the citizens of Green County. Fortunately, the writer’s lies and smears did not work as he planned and I believe we four will remain positive to the end of the race. I know Green County Voters do not need and are not assisted by unfair character assassinations by an elected official.

With just one week left before the Feb. 16 primary election for the next Green County Circuit Court Branch One judge, each candidate was given one final opportunity to present their case to the community.