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Election 2024: Green County Board of Supervisors Candidate Profiles

Election Day is Tuesday, April 2. Candidates for Green County Board of Supervisors were sent a brief questionnaire in early March. The following candidates returned their submissions before going to press on Monday, March 18.

Linda Boll


Position Seeking: Green County Board of Supervisors District 1

Personal Background: Husband and 3 grown children

Why are you qualified to serve: Prior to being elected to the County Board, I was employed for 28 years at Green County Human Services as the Supervisor/Manager of the Aging and Disability Resource Center. In that position I learned a great deal about the County, its policies, structure and the needs of its elderly and disabled residents.

I currently have 5 years experience serving on the Green County Board of Supervisors. I have used my professional social work education and work experiences to support the Pleasant View Oversight Committee, Human Services Board and Personnel and Labor Relations Committee. 

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: One of the roles of the County Board of Supervisors is to oversee, maintain and enhance existing services that meet both current and future needs of Green County residents. These efforts help create a Green County that is an exceptional place to live. The 2024 election includes a referendum to continue providing financial support for Pleasant View Nursing Home operations and staffing. Despite inflation, the request of $790,000 annually is the same as previous years of tax support. Pleasant View provides exceptional quality care to its residents and supports other services such as  the production of home delivered meals for residents in the County. Most recently it has opened a Dementia Stabilization Unit responding to the challenges of persons with dementia. Pleasant View continues to be a vital resource to the elderly and their families of Green County. They and Pleasant View deserve our support.

Joe Snow


Position Seeking: Green County Board of Supervisors, District 3

Age: 63

Personal Background: I have lived in Monroe for 10 years and gladly call it home. I am married with two adult children and six grandchildren. My hometown is Columbus, Wis., and I’m a retired 35 year veteran of the fire service; serving five years as a volunteer firefighter in Columbus, and 30 years as a career firefighter in Eau Claire, Wis. I retired in 2014 at the rank of lieutenant.

Why are you qualified to serve: Since my first year as a board supervisor in 2018, I have been serving on the Law Enforcement and Emergency Services Committee, Property, Parks and Insurance Committee, Green County Tourism Committee and Green County Veterans Service Office Committee, and will continue to serve on these committees if reelected.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: For me, the biggest issue in this year‘s election is the Pleasant View Nursing Home referendum, where a no vote would have dire consequences for staff, residents and their families. 

Simply put, if the referendum fails, Pleasant View would close.

Residents would then have to be relocated to other facilities (if and where space is available) many miles away in other cities, causing family members to scramble for a new location, and then being separated even further once a new home is found.

Also, citizens who utilize their first rate rehabilitation unit, (where they can stay as a resident for extended treatments) and the newly added Dementia Stabilization Unit (which is the only one of its kind in Wisconsin), would have to seek care and specialized services elsewhere.

Another important advantage of having pleasant view remain open was demonstrated several months ago when a water pipe broke at the New Glarus home causing substantial damage and ultimately displacing 25 residents. A call to Pleasant View around 8 PM for help and by midnight the 25 residents were in place and resting comfortably. 

Side note: There is an oversight committee of county board supervisors that assists in making sure that all operations there are in compliance and have the best interests of the residents and staff in mind at all times.

What is vital for everyone to understand is that one day, many of us, or a family member, will be needing this very facility sooner than we think, and we will be very thankful that it is here. I have personally experienced and witnessed this time and time again.

Residents of Green County take pride in maintaining a close sense of community by keeping our aging loved ones close, and past referendum elections have proven that with a very large percentage of voters saying YES!

Another major point to consider is that the facility has undergone many major renovations and upgrades to its systems, building and residence rooms in recent years, making it a viable, ascetically pleasing and beneficial “home” for many decades to come. Furthermore, all these improvements and upgrades have since been paid in full, and Pleasant View is succeeding in a time where facilities around our area are closing.

The purpose of this referendum, which has come before the voters every five years since 2009, is used to facilitate operational costs above and beyond what Medicaid and Medicare contribute. 

Major Point: The annual amount of $790,000 is not an increase from what your taxes are currently paying towards Pleasant View, and falls well within the limits of the Green County budget.

Thank you very much for this opportunity to help people know me a little better, to help better understand this important issue, and for exercising your privilege by voting.

Michael Furgal


Position Seeking: District 6, Green County Board of Supervisors.

Age: 84

Personal Background: Widower; 3 children; 5 grandchildren; 3 great-grandchildren (and 2 more on the way). All but one are living in Wisconsin.            

Why are you qualified to serve: My 35 years of experience as a County Board Supervisor qualifies me to continue serving my fellow citizens. As a life-long learner I continue to attend all relevant classes administered by the County and the Wisconsin Counties Association.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: Our antiquated jail needs to be remodeled/replaced. Our law enforcement personnel and the incarcerated individuals need to have a safe environment in which to coexist. 

Brenda Carus


Position Seeking: Green County Board Supervisor for District 7

Age: 50

Personal Background: I grew up on a dairy farm in rural southwestern Wisconsin. (I don’t publicly name the specific community due to the fact that high school mascot is a common security question. I went to a very small school that still has the same mascot.)

I married my high school sweetheart, Luis. We have been together since we were 16 and married when we were 21. We celebrate our 29th wedding anniversary this year. I stayed home for years to raise our four children, now ages 26-17.

Why are you qualified to serve: I believe experience and knowledge matter, and I have both. I’ve spent over twenty years locally serving on boards and committees. I know how to work constructively with others. I’ve served on various local organizations working on economic and workforce development issues, including Monroe Main Street’s Economic Restructuring Committee and the former Future Forward of Green County. I currently work in State and Local Finance for the Department of Revenue, where I was selected to complete their Emerging Leaders program, an honor given to only about six percent of staff. I have served on the Board of Directors of three local non-profit organizations. During my time on the board of Monroe Theatre Guild, I was chair of the youth programming committee, responsible for organizing their youth summer arts camp and all youth programming for many years. I’ve been a small business owner for over 25 years. I started the Stateline Homeschoolers organization over 20 years ago and still moderate the online group. I actively participated in planning the former Festival of Trees and Party with a Purpose for many years.

The honor of serving on the Green County Board is not one I take lightly. I was first asked to run in 2015, but waited over six years to do so. I waited because I respected the knowledge of the former supervisor, and I believed the people of District 7 deserved more experience than I had at the time. While I knew about strategic planning, organization, and some local government issues, I was lacking an understanding of government finance and a deeper knowledge of our departments and our county issues. I deliberately took the time to study these issues over the years. When our former supervisor, Steve Borowski, decided not to run again two years ago, I was comfortable being the only person in our district who stepped up to serve.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: My opponent stopped me on the street one mid-February afternoon. He told me directly the he was running to give the people of District 7 a candidate who supports traditional values. He didn’t believe that being married to my high school sweetheart for decades, that raising my family, or that working for years to serve others in our community demonstrated traditional values simply because I voted to have Green County acknowledge Pride Month. He then asked me to have coffee with him so that I could provide him with answers to three questions: what does Green County do well, what do we do poorly, and what do my constituents care about.

I relay this conversation because I think the biggest issue in selecting a candidate to serve District 7 for the next two years is respect — respect for the office, respect for the work the County Board does, and respect for the constituents. I believe that anyone running for this office should know their answers to my opponent’s three questions before they submit their candidate papers on January 2. Waiting six weeks, then asking me to supply them with answers to these important questions shows a lack of understanding for the County Board’s work and disrespect for the seriousness of the position. I did my homework, then ran for County Board. This is a continuation of the life of service I have always tried to live. I serve on the board because I feel Green County benefits from my extensive experience in local economic development, local government finance, and strategic planning.

I also believe that government officials should give respect to the people they serve. My opponent told me to my face that respecting my LGBTQIA family, friends, and constituents was equivalent to supporting them “if they would choose to rob a bank”. That contempt for our LGBTQIA neighbors disturbs me greatly.

I take my role as County Board Supervisor very seriously. I hope the people of District 7 value experience, knowledge, and service as much I do. I would be honored to have your vote to allow me to serve our district and Green County for another term.

Hayden John Webber


Position Seeking: County Board Supervisor District 7

Age: 27

Immediate family: Wife and son

Why are you qualified to serve: I give a listening ear and a resounding voice to all the neighbors of this area.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: Allocating the county resources the most efficiently so as not to require more taxation with the upcoming building requests. 

Joan Winn Rufenacht


Position Seeking: I am again running for County Board Supervisor District 8.

Personal Background: I have served since April 2015 when I was appointed.  I have lived in Monroe since Jan 1975 after growing up in Wiota. I love Green County and think it is a wonderful, beautiful place to call home. Green County has so much to offer such as our fabulous health care facility SSM Clinic & Hospital and The Monroe Arts Center and The Monroe Theater Guild. Great festivals for young and old and great music venues and great variety of restaurants in the county.

Why are you qualified to serve: Currently I serve on Pleasant View Skilled Nursing & Rehab Care Committee, Green County Health Dept Committee, Tourism Committee and Green County Development Corp. 

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: I am most passionate about Pleasant View and keeping it vibrant and running to serve our county and community. My Mom was there for the last 6 years of her life and all the people there took such good care of her and treated her like she was their own Gramma or Mom. She felt so loved and safe and cared for. We knew she was very comfortable there. 

Please VOTE “YES” to maintain and renew the support we have since 2012 for Pleasant View. 

Richard Thoman


Position Seeking: County Board Supervisor 9th District

Age: 63

Personal Background: Green County is where I have lived all my life. I grew up on a Farm as a Child and live in Monroe now.

My wife is Jane, and we have four sons and one daughter — all married — and eight grandchildren.

Why are you qualified to serve: I have been serving for about 18 years, so I have experience. I also am a business owner who loves my community.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: I feel one of the biggest issues in the race is the unnecessary government spending and interference in the affairs of people. While spending and regulations are necessary, there needs to be a healthy balance so that we can live freely and safely.

Sue Nelson


Position Seeking: County Board Supervisor District 10 Cadiz Township, Village of Browntown, Jordan Township south of Cty Y.

Age: 68

Personal Background: Green County has been my home since 1979. Husband, Tom.

Why are you qualified to serve: I have worked hard to represent the interests and needs of my constituents, and to improve the quality of life in our county. Such as securing funding for the continuation of the all-important Groundwater Quality Trend Data Project for another 2 years. Leading the initiative to adopt Zoning Ordinances that enable farmers to pursue other livelihoods allowing them to stay on their land, subsidizing income with various types of Agricultural Tourism. The Clean Water Now referendum was added to the November 2022 ballot and passed with 84% of voters saying yes, clean water is important to us, after I introduced and supported the resolution for a county-wide referendum for clean water.

I am the county representative to the WI Land and Water Southern Area Association — Land Conservation Committee. 

I am the alternate for the Land and Water Association/Southern Area to the State Board of Directors. 

I am currently a member of the Zoning and Land Use, Board of Health & Land and Water Conservation Committees, a member and the chair Ag and Extension Educators Committee. 

I am a member of the WCA UW-Madison Division of Extension and Education Steering Committee 2023-24.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: Who will represent the people of the county in a way that shows support for the greater good of all of the residents. 

Larry Kranig


Position Seeking: County Board District 10

Age: 76

Personal Background: Married with five grandchildren and owner Monroe Sign Design.

Why are you qualified to serve: I have more experience from a business standpoint … than (many) on the county board. I’ve owned land in Cadiz Township for 55 years and have been a business owner since 1967.

Scott Timm

Clarno Township

Position Seeking: County Board District 11

Age: 34

Personal Background: I have a son and a dog.

Why are you qualified to serve: I was born and raised in the area and own ag related businesses here, including Green County Seed. I have been a dairy farmer my whole life. I have also served on the Farm Bureau Board. 

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: The biggest issue is that we need a diverse number of people from all walks of life on the county board. I am confident I would represent the issues in this township. I’m very aware of the issues in this area and talk to many people.

David J. Tschudy


Position Seeking: District 11, Green County Board of Supervisors

Age: 56

Personal Background: Wife, Wendy J (Nelson) Tschudy

Why are you qualified to serve: The majority of my life has been serving the citizens of Green County. The last two years I have represented District 11 on the Green County Board. In 2021, I retired from the Green County Sheriff’s Office after a 31 year career in law enforcement, 25+ years which was at Green County. In addition, I draw upon my wife’s experience of 19+ years as the Green County’s Deputy County Clerk.

These years of service has given me a great perspective of county government both as a past employee and current Green County Board Supervisor.  

 What is the biggest issue in the race/election: There are two major issues facing the Green County Board of Supervisors: recruitment/retention of employees and maintenance of the county’s infrastructure.    

Staffing is an issue throughout the nation and Green County has not been immune to those staffing shortages. Green County’s ability to continue to stay competitive in recruiting and retaining employees, especially positions mandated by the State of Wisconsin, will be a challenge.

The cost of maintaining our infrastructure continues to rise. At the same time, we need to continue to maintain our county buildings and roads. They cannot be ignored or deferred. 

Considering these two issues, the County Board will be challenged on maintaining a balanced budget while staying within the state’s tax levy limit guidelines.

Isaiah Carlson

Sylvester Township 

Position Seeking: Re-election to County Supervisor, District 16

Age: 22

Why are you qualified to serve: I was elected to the County Board in April of 2022. I have had the privilege of serving on several committees, including the Law Enforcement and the Aging & Disability Advisory Committees. For many years, my family and I have cared for special needs individuals and the elderly. It is my desire to continue using this experience to advocate for these individuals who are seeking to navigate an often-complicated system. 

Also, I am in my final year of law school, and I have a strong interest in pursuing Constitutional law practice and defending individual rights.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: Recently, the County has begun to move forward with discussion on constructing new facilities for the Highway Department and Sheriff’s Department/Jail. I foresee that this will be a major topic in the upcoming years. My goal is to ensure that all my constituents are informed on this issue moving forward. I would not be comfortable in voting on such a large expense until the residents of my district have had a chance to express their advice.

Finally, I am concerned about the increase in divisive political activism on the County Board the last few years. Local government is no place to promote a partisan political agenda. County government should focus on local needs and not on political issues that it has no authority over.

Paul Roemer


Position Seeking: Green County Board Supervisor, District 19

Age: 78

Personal Background: 3 sons, wife is deceased

Why are you qualified to serve: Served on Green County Board past two years, Past recycling chair in Brodhead, serve on Pearl Island Committee in Brodhead. I am a good listener, listening to constituents.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: Climate change has affected Green County and the world. We need to think globally and act globally to reduce our carbon footprint here in Green County. Work with agrivoltaics, residential PV panels, and infrastructure for electric vehicle charging stations.

Erica Roth


Position Seeking: Green County Board Supervisor, District 24

Age: 49

Personal Background: Husband, three children (21, 19, 17)

Why are you qualified to serve: I am qualified to serve because I am a resident of District 24 and have a passion for local government. I believe in fair, active, and transparent representation, and want to see Green County at its best. I have served on the Green County Board previously so I understand the commitment it requires.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: The future of Green County is one of the biggest issues upcoming. With the strategic planning that is happening this next term, we have a unique and immediate opportunity to direct the successful future of Green County.

Ron Roesslein

New Glarus

Position Seeking: Green County Board of Supervisors, District 25

Age: 62

Personal Background: Wife, two children, three grandchildren

Why are you qualified to serve: I am qualified to serve because of my ability to bring people together to find common ground. I like to listen to both sides of an issue and make an informed decision based on the facts presented. I do not make decisions based on emotions, and I stay out of drama.

I currently serve on the New Glarus School Board. During my first two years, I have listened to differing views, have had thoughtful discussions about difficult topics, and have contributed to decisions that have been in the best interest of the students, taxpayers, and the employees of the school district.

I will focus on the needs of all the residents in the county. This is a non-partisan election, and I have not brought politics into the election.

I recently attended a Green County Highway Committee meeting. During the meeting, I gained a much greater understanding of the need to update highway facilities. With my extensive, practical experience in building and road construction, I will be able to greatly contribute to the difficult decisions needed to meet budgetary requirements.

 What is the biggest issue in the race/election: The biggest issue in the election is finding a way to wisely spend the limited funds available in the county.

Todd Larson


Position Seeking: Green County Board Supervisor, District 25

Age: 63 

Why are you qualified to serve: My entire professional career has been in the area of governance and policy making — for details on that career, feel free to review my Wikipedia page ( This has included Governor’s Appointment (on the Wisconsin Humanities Commission) and senior Presidential Appointment (in the Obama Administration).

Through years of experience I have learned how to utilize the core tenets of Good Governance: dialogue, consensus building and defensible decision making. With dialogue, it quickly becomes apparent that our commonalities are much stronger and more prevalent than our differences. The Good Governance goal by which I operate is to identify commonalities and build thereon. 

I am in the process of completing a successful first term as County Board Supervisor. I was never absent for a meeting without cause, came to all meetings well prepared, and consistently and actively exercised my functions of oversight.  

I have been based on my family farm in Green County for a half century, and always given back to my community through an array of volunteer positions (e.g. SSM Hospice Home, York Township Plan Commission, Green County Humane Society).  

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: First and foremost, I want to encourage everyone to vote in support of the referendum to continue to provide needed funding to Pleasant View Nursing Home. The proposed referendum funding is at the same level as in the past; no increase, despite increased costs. I refer to Pleasant View Nursing Home as the crown jewel in institutional manifestations of civic pride and service in Green County. It has been there for countless individuals and families in the past, and we have both a duty and a vested interest to continue to ensure its financial stability.

A guiding principle in my work as County Board Supervisor is born of conversations with constituents who raise this as the most critical issue for them: responsible use of our hard-earned tax dollars. I am nothing but favorably impressed by the caliber and integrity of the budgeting process carried out by Green County government. My role as Supervisor, then, extends to robust oversight and ensuring that money allocated is responsibly, strategically and defensibly spent. For that, I sat during my first term and would intend to continue to serve in a second term on the oversight committees of two of the largest budgets in Green County government: Pleasant View Nursing Home and Human Services.  

Another guiding principle in my work as County Board Supervisor has been to provide extensive constituent services in response to requests and concerns on a wide range of issues. Some fully resolved. Some still underway. All using my good offices to counsel constituents and assist them in navigating government offices, mandates and services in Monroe which can be confusing to the outsider but with which I have become conversant over my first term. Green County government does good work. The more folks know about that good work, the more they will be able to benefit from it.

Jody Hoesly

New Glarus

Position Seeking: Green County Supervisor, District 26

Age: 63

Personal Background: Married to Jim Hoesly, 4 adult children, and 6 grandchildren

Why are you qualified to serve: I have been a Green County (GC) Board Supervisor since 2018 and currently serve as 2nd vice chair of the GC Board, vice chair of the finance committee, vice chair of the information technology committee, and member of the property committee. I am also honored to be a Southwestern Wisconsin Regional Planning commissioner.

As a retired information engineer, I use my research and data skills in making decisions that align with our short and long term goals. As a farm owner and outdoor enthusiast, I engage in initiatives that provide a healthy environment and preserve our natural resources. To keep current on issues, I take classes at UW Madison’s La Follette School of Public Affairs and attend local workshops and conferences.

What is the biggest issue in the race/election: Green County administers vital state services within budget constraints, yet faces increasing demands. We need a new jail and highway facilities, have a housing shortage, need to expand broadband access, and there are other project ideas to foster economic growth and prosperity for our residents. Funding key projects will be challenging, but I look forward to being part of the strategic process.

Kathy Pennington


Position Seeking: County Supervisor District 31

Age: 63

Personal Background: Married with two adult children and one grandchild

Why are you qualified to serve: I’m seeking my second term as County Supervisor. My previous leadership positions and serving as a Town Chair for three years provide me valuable insight on the challenges facing our communities. These experiences assist me as a county supervisor in advocating changes to policies and procedures. 

What is the biggest issue in the race/election:  I feel the biggest issue is improving the internet. Better internet will encourage businesses and families to move to our community. Technology is the future at schools, farming, working remote and business communications. Green County’s internet must continue to evolve and improve to keep up the changes in technology.