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Bartholf: Respectful and professional
Dan Bartholf
Dan Bartholf

By Dan Bartholf

Just like in a courtroom, it’s now time for the candidates to make final arguments before Green County residents will cast their ballots for judge in the primary election on February 16th. My original intention was to highlight my legal career of 20-plus years, serving Green County the entire time in the most wide-ranging practice. The legal experience that I have gained in these decades of service as well as the specific knowledge and understanding of this county will position me well to hear the cases required of a Green County Judge. That depth of experience along with my reserve and calm demeanor, makes me the best fit for this position.  

An editorial published in the Monroe Times last week has created an unfortunate distraction and I wanted to take a moment to address it with as much transparency as possible. I want to make it clear that Craig Nolen’s comments are not mine. He does not speak for me. I did not ask Mr. Nolen to write such an article (in fact I have not asked any single person to write an endorsement letter for me) and did not coordinate with him on the content. I do not agree with his personal attacks and aggressive tone. The other candidates did not ask for that either, and ultimately Mr. Nolen will have to atone for his words to them and their supporters. Early on, I decided not to comment on the other candidates or even follow what they are doing, but instead introduce myself in the most humble way possible. I kept that promise. 

With just one week left before the Feb. 16 primary election for the next Green County Circuit Court Branch One judge, each candidate was given one final opportunity to present their case to the community.

With that distraction aside, I want people to consider my 20-plus years of public service to this community. I want people to consider my commitment and service to this community within City Council and School Board meetings nearly every Monday night over the years. I want the citizens of Green County to consider my years of dedication fighting for students, teachers, school personnel, preschool/daycare, unwanted pets, and the elderly suffering from self-neglect or abuse.  

I am a loving and caring father, a great lawyer that fights for his clients in a respectful and professional manner, and a dedicated public servant. I have the right temperament for this position and my only objective is to make a positive impact on this community and afford litigants a fair, impartial, and expedient experience. Thank you.