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Election 2020 Profiles: Donna Douglas
Donna Douglas
Donna Douglas

Donna Douglas

Position sought: Alderperson

City/town of residence: Monroe

Family: Widowed – No Children. I consider the community my family

Education: Attended Monroe High School and graduate of Harper Method School of Cosmetology. Completed professional development, business management and personal development courses.

Occupation: Current Executive Director, National Historic Cheesemaking Center/Green County Welcome Center. (10 years); Past: Business Owner/ Manager of hairstyling salons. Dairy farmer partner for 34 years in Decatur Township, Brodhead, Wisconsin.

Previous elected positions held: Governors Appointment – Commissioner on Southwest Regional Planning Commission (19 years) 

President of Hidden Valleys of Southwest Wisconsin (8 years) regional tourism promotion and economic development organization, representing 11 counties.

Green County Board of Supervisors (9 years) Appointed to serve on Solid Waste Board, Law Enforcement, Land Use and Zoning, and Tourism committees of the County Board during my terms of office. Elected Supervisor Town of Decatur, Green County Wisconsin, serving 10 years

There are five open seats on the April ballot for Monroe Common Council. Incumbents Donna Douglas, Mickey Beam, Michael Boyce, Richard Thoman and Rob Driver are seeking re-election. Former City Administrator Phil Rath also filled out papers to be on the ballot. The top five candidates who receive votes will receive two-year terms on the council.

What are the top issues facing this district/municipality and how would you work to resolve it? 

One of the top issues facing Monroe is the housing issue. Housing is a fundamental need in our community. Rental units are needed for young professions that work in our city that are not ready to purchase homes, families that need quality and affordable housing, and senior living of either single level or units that have elevators. Monroe has diverse businesses and industries that are critical to our success and vibrancy.  Attracting employees to live in Monroe and work in our local industries will support businesses and industries that already flourish here. Even though there is exiting housing for assisted living and senior homes we still need to increase the availability to allow for growth in our community and insure housing is available. I am dedicated to supporting proposals and creating a housing plan for the city and urge the City of Monroe to seek grants and funding for building moderate to low-income housing and single adult efficiency rooms. The City of Monroe also needs to enforce and update our building codes.

What are other key issues facing the district/municipality, and how would you work to resolve them?

Inter-governmental cooperation and collaboration. Our city is not an island. Many of our local business owners and employees live outside the city limits of Monroe. They work, shop, buy groceries, gas, and dine in Monroe.  The health of Monroe and the health of our region are inter-connected. Collaboration and cooperation can save money, provide services that avoid unnecessary duplication of services and equipment, that would otherwise be too costly. I will continue to represent the residents of Monroe to accomplish positive changes in the lives of our citizens. I encourage citizens, business owners, and industry leaders to be partners in the work of meeting our expectations and goals. It is important that citizens can access current issues facing the City Council Alders, through communication and knowledge of issues.  I am committed to building trust in our Common Council with openness and transparency.

Why are you the best candidate for this office?

The experience and knowledge I have gained the past 40 years as an elected official on Decatur Town Board, Green County Board of Supervisors, and Southwest Regional Planning Commission has provided leadership skills and the ability to communicate with co-workers, volunteer staff, and board members in the many organizations I serve and volunteer in, I feel qualifies me to represent you for a second term as alderperson on the City of Monroe- Common Council.

I am committed and dedicated to serve citizens with the best interests of continued growth and development in the City of Monroe, using our Comprehensive Plan as a guide.

Citizens of Monroe and Green County are my “extended family!”