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Best Friends: Nikky Thompson
Get to know Nikky Thompson and her tail-wagging trio
BF Nikky Thompson
Nikky Thompson, Lola, Missy & Brutus - photo by Marissa Weiher

Nikky Thompson, Monticello, talks about her best friends Lola, an 8-year-old mini dachshund, Missy, a 6-year-old corgi, and Brutus, a 4-year-old dachshund.

Thompson has always loved dogs and had them throughout her childhood. Lola was the first dog Thompson and her husband Aron adopted together. They knew they wanted a small dog because they were living in an apartment at the time. 

Missy and Brutus, however, were not planned. They brought home Missy after helping Thompson’s parents look for a puppy and they got Brutus after stopping to play with puppies.

Best Friends is a weekly feature designed to highlight a local resident and his or her pets. To suggest someone for the series, contact Marissa Weiher, photographer, at

Describe Lola, Missy and Brutus’ personalities.

Lola is very loving and very independent. I don’t think she realizes how small she is. She’s a total ham and loves everybody. 

Missy has a sweet personality, but is very treat-motivated. She doesn’t put in much work than she has to, but she’s very loyal.

Brutus is a huge baby. He’s a wimp. He’s very dependent on us. He’s a weenie. He loves his toys. He lives for his toys and playing. 

What do you like to do together?

We go on a lot of walks. We go camping together. We take them just about everywhere. We go on car trips all the time. They go to my parents’ house and run around out there and they run around out here. We even took them kayaking.

What’s it like having them in your life?

Fulfilling. It would be weird not to have them. They’re a huge part of our family. We revolve a lot of nights and days around them. Our lives would be boring without them, that’s for sure.