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Hotel overlooks change on the Square
This portion of the Sanborn Fire Insurance map from 1889 shows the northeast corner of the square that was occupied by the United States House. Several things to notice are that the bar and billiards room was on the south, facing the square, while the dining room and kitchen were on the north part facing east. Notice the stable, two cisterns near the hotel, and the well near the hotel stables. I found it interesting that the vault for the First National Bank and another room were taken out of the property that I would have expected to be part of the hotel.
Between 1:00 and 3:00 on Monday morning, April 7, 1884, burglars gained access to the saloon of the United States House on the northeast corner of the square and broke open the hotel safe. They took about $300 in cash, a gold watch that belonged to Louis, and another that belonged to an employee. They left notes and other securities. “The plucky slanderers also took from the wine cellar a bottle of the best wine ten years old.